Superman and Batman meet Bugs and Daffy In New Looney Tunes Crossover Covers


A new set of comic covers brings together Warner Bros. most famous characters in some creative, wonderfully retro ways…

Henry here, and I was an obsessive comic geek decades before I hosted Cape Crisis via the support on the Laser Time Patreon. As a youngster who was ALSO obsessed with Looney Tunes – Bugs and Daffy being my absolute favorites – I soon realized that Warner Bros. owned both the Merry Melodies gang on top of the Justice League and the rest DC Universe. As soon as I could get some combination of the Justice League with the squash-n-stretchy gang of animals, I was hooked, especially when they came alongside McNuggets.

You better believe I collected all of those figures, including the Duckmobile made for 5-and-under kids. It’s all these years later and the connection remains just as strong, thanks to DC Comics greatest artists teaming up with Warner animators to create a series of impressive variant covers that will appear this November. With so many hitting comic racks, the quality may vary some, but when they work, they really are something else.

My personal favorites? There’s Batman getting the drop on Rocky and Mugsy, there’s Bryan Hitch’s Superman working with the very specific version of Super-Rabbit from the ’40s cartoon of the same name, plus Batman’s rogues gallery sneaking up on the famous Duck Twacy. These are almost too much for an animation nerd/comic book fanboy to bare in one go. Take a good, long look at all of them below to find a favorite of your own. As a bonus, they’re also just the right size to work as your newest smartphone wallpaper.

Which is coolest to you? Superman about to punch The Crusher in the face? Wonder Woman singing along to “Kill The Wabbit”? Harley telling Gossamer about what interesting people monsters are? Tell me, because I want to know all about it in the comments (and for next week’s Cape Crisis)!

9 thoughts on “Superman and Batman meet Bugs and Daffy In New Looney Tunes Crossover Covers

  1. What??!!!
    That head image and commercial have to be a fake! Everyone knows that, when Bugs flexes a bicep, it turns into a droopy U shape which he then bats back and forth which looking sheepishly into the camera.

    I haven’t been this morally outraged since Cosby was wrongfully accused by 327 women!!

  2. On a serious note, these are so god damn good. I grew up on Looney Tunes in the 80’s and seeing all these 3rd tier characters is a real blast.

    My favorite is probably Daffy and Green Arrow. I think the Robin Hood Daffy short was responsible for my turning from a Bugs fan to a Daffy fan.

    Trip it. Trip it. Trip it.
    Well, I know what I’m watching for the rest of the weekend.

  3. I can’t wait to find out which disenfranchised minourty bugs and supes are teaming up to humiliate!
    (In all seriousness though, this looks awesome)

  4. Wow, I have never been moved by art. Now that Bugs Bunny and Superman together did it. Bugs Bunny is my favorite Looney Tune and Superman was my friend’s favorite superhero.

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