Cape Crisis #151 – Bugs And Mickey Vs DC And Marvel


Henry and Chris are rejoined by Dave this week, as we explore a ton of new issues, the many connections between classic cartoons and funny books, and more Fantastic Four fallout, including our communities funny stories of seeing the film for themselves…


In case you missed it, there’s a new Laser Time Patreon going, with some really cool rewards and milestone we’d love to reach with your help! Lots of new comic book content on Laser Time too. You should definitely check out our YouTube channel. It’s got winning stuff like the hosts eating Fantastic Four themed food and Tim Burton coming to Arkham Knight!

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Cape Crisis #151 Question: What’s the funniest comic you remember reading?

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #151 – Bugs And Mickey Vs DC And Marvel

  1. Im both disappointed and relived by the lack of “VS erotic fan fiction” in the title
    (Also, awesome episode!)

  2. Holy shoot!

    “…And now I’m Straight!”, Hank you killed me.

    What say instead of Deadpool & Cable, we get a Hank & ‘Tista book….

  3. QotW:

    IDW’s Ghostbusters book. It is the closest besides the video game that you can get to more films with the original casts. I am currently enjoying the alternate universe crossover with the Saturday morning cartoon Real Ghostbusters.

  4. If there is a serious risk of having to stop recording in the kitchen studio and / or face eviction, please be honest with the listners about your concerns. If you need to set a new goal for a work space outside of your apartment, I’m sure listeners and Patreon subscribers would help you reach that goal.

    Good episode, as always

    1. I was concerned by that opening minute too. Based on one of the Bonus Times from the past week or two it sounds like an external workspace would also be better for Chris’ health (both mental and physical) than working from home nearly 24/7.

  5. QOTW (I know it is a forum only thing but this is for all my fellow comment lurkers)

    I loved Van Lente and Palo’s TaskMaster: Unthinkable comic. It really worked for me as an intro to Taskmaster and has a lot of funny bits including the new organization of the Minions’ International Liberation Front, or M.I.L.F.

  6. egg crate foam? line the walls like they do in music studios to absorb sound and reduce echo. set it up with velcro backing so you guys can take it down and put it up as you want. that way the place doesn’t look like a white room in an asylum.
    arkham asylum? there!

    so… after really listening to Henry talk about Marvel stories, I have to assume that this whole Secret Wars/Battle World reborn Marvel Universe is in direct response to the few Marvel properties not currently under Marvel’s umbrella outside of the comics? am I wrong? am I late to this idea?

    hearing about how seriously Disney takes the immersion of their out of film counterparts was amazing.

  7. Egg holders will help increase audio quality and help break up sound from bouncing around. You don’t need to cover your walls in them, just spread them out, and focus them in areas where your voice will be hitting.

    For actually stopping sound going through floors/walls all you can do is put thick things against the wall to insulate the sound. Literally mattresses or thick blankets but I’m guessing that’s not what you want to hear in the summer.

  8. Am I the only one that’s kind of frustrated by the fact that Age of Ultron won’t be out on Blu-Ray until October, a month after the V.O.D. release? I know I could just buy it digitally and all, but I own all the other MCU stuff on Blu-Ray and usually get the combo BR with digital version for cheap on Amazon.

    I know this is all first world problems, and waiting the extra few weeks isn’t that bad, but I just wish they’d release the digital version earlier instead of pushing the physical release back later.

    And while I’m complaining about MCU physical media, how is it that we haven’t gotten Agent Carter out when it finished before AOS S2 and that’s out on Blu-Ray next month?

    /rant about physical media over

  9. what’s this about sound proofing? you guys have gotta stop worrying about noise from the street. I never hear these sounds, and i listen to the shows on $300 headphones. save yourself the trouble

    1. Other people in thier apartment complex are complaining about noise coming from the Kitchen Studio, not about outside noise coming into the recording.

      They want to soundproof their place in order to reduce noise leaving the apartment, therefore avoiding noise complaints and risk of facing eviction.

      1. I think his second sentence was referring to when the guys say stuff like “I hope you guys can’t hear that” in reference to car horns or construction.

  10. Dave, you said you wanted to read a bad comic to make for you falling behind, and Henerey was nice enough to offer you a bad Justice League comic that you didn’t even take!
    Box Brown has actually written a second comic called “An Entity Observes All Things,” it’s a sci-fi anthology comic, and it’s really good. It might be because I’m not really a wrestling guy, but I liked it more then the Andre the Giant biography.

  11. Spider-verse made me LOL a bunch of times!

    1) They killed the cast of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends! Even better, they had the AR gimmick link to a video of the crew at Marvel yell at Dan Slott for killing their childhood. AWESOME!
    2) Newspaper Strip Spidey, when it reset the scenario every third panel, and Morlun leaves them alone, saying it’s too annoying to actually accomplish anything. Awesome on a meta reason, since it can be in both the continuity of the strip and the comic.
    3) All the Spider-Ham stuff. Great character.
    4) Capcom Spider-Man
    5) Spider-Zord showing up from Japan. I lost my mind when that became a huge plot point.
    6) Two Spideys talking about how they saw two other Spider-Men just off panel who looked like Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield.

    Dan Slott really hit home with a guy who started reading Spiderman with the Kraven’s Last Hunt at 8 years old.

  12. It sure would have been nice now if they’d spent all that Patreon money on the actual podcast network, instead of just so using it so 3 of them could not get jobs…

    Forums still eat dick btw. Sure would be nice if, like, 3 of you had a bunch of time you could spend some of moderating the forums…

    1. I don’t want to come off like a dick but I think you’re being a little harsh on the crew. I mean the network only keeps growing we got two new shows and a third on the way. Not to mention all the streams. I’m not sure if they got jobs they’d be able to do all this stuff. I mean the three of them have only been doing this full time for a few months and Chris has got to be busy editing and getting all the tech stuff up. Not saying you can’t voice your opinion but maybe be more specific with your issues with the network, and give them some time.

      As for the forums maybe the crew can make some of the higher ranking members mods. I don’t know, I’m just a comment lurker and patron.

      1. I guess. I was just disappointed is all. When their patreon started doing so well, I was like, “Oh good. They’ll have all the money they need to get their podcasts up to a decent quality. Make their website really nice.” Stuff like that, and the first thing Chris said was “Oh good. Now 3 of us can do this full time and not have to worry about buying food!”

        That is not what I was expecting them to do with that money.

        Also, having regular jobs gives them more depth of experience as people, which improves the quality of their podcasting!

  13. The funniest book I have read lately unfortunately doesn’t come out until October but Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal’s The Paybacks is a must read for any comic book lover.

    The comics’ premise is what if Superheroes had to purchase their powers, tools, and gadgets from a company and when they failed to make payments other superheroes show up to collect payment.

    The paybacks is a love letter to the superhero genre and an extremely fun and funny adventure that puts some of our favorite superheroes archetypes through the silly filter. Please everyone check out The Paybacks #1 from Dark Horse in Oct.

  14. Two random things come to mind. A: Jughead hates women and he’s really a fedora? All he needs is a neckbeard and an internet connection!

    And B: Those Country Bears in the Pooh ride gives me an idea: Five Nights at Winnie’s. Muahaha. Good episode, fellas!

    1. *To clarify on point A, Jughead’s really WEARING a fedora. He’s not a living fedora, but he is an asshat.

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