Cheap Popcast #57 – Great Takeover, Bad Undertaker


It’s the biggest Cheap Popcast of the summer as the Cheap Popcast crew (including Chris) discuss SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, and the many returns and debuts that occurred on the post-SummerSlam Raw.

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4 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #57 – Great Takeover, Bad Undertaker

  1. Random thoughts about what was said in the show and Takeover and Summerslam.

    The timekeeper wasn’t exercising authority in ringing the bell he was being an overzealous idiot. That explains why he doesn’t do anything over blatant interference or a pin that wasn’t counted in the Cena Rollins match. He just assumed the ref saw it and was too excited. Just annoyed me you guys thought that’s why the bell was ringing.

    I went to Takeover and man was the crowd electric.

    After the taping for the regular NXT show HHH comes out to make an announcement about the England show because we don’t hear enough HHH in the middle of the ring boring us. Same with Steph. So he says for the opening he wasn “church quiet”. Now when HHH wants something from me my initial reaction is to do the opposite. So I was yelling because fuck HHH and his egomaniac God complex.

    Man I almost cried at the end of the Bayley match

    I think the reason they had the ladder match is its the title, plus a gimmick, and Kevin Owens who they have high hopes for

  2. The Undertaker sarcastic laugh is already meme worthy.

    On that note, the Undertaker taps out, low blows Brock who defiantly refuses to tap out himself… and yet the Undertaker is presented babyface?

    Brock has been face even before Wrestlemania.

  3. It infuriates me how much better Takeover was than Summerslam, and yet it will only get half the viewership that Summerslum got. On earlier CP episodes I’ve heard that Bret, Anne, Caroline even Chris say that they liked the nxt women, did any of them watch the takeover special?

  4. I gotta disagree with henry on the Balor body paint overuse. As talented as Finn is I think its gonna be the paint and his entrance that gets him over with the main roster crowd. Not to mention haitch has to smell money with the possibility of multiple paint designs meaning more figures, more shirt designs etc.

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