Captain America: Civil War Art Has Tons Of New Info


Whose side are you on? Surprisingly, Jeremy Renner has the answers (unless they’re fake)…

I’m Henry Gilbert, and hopefully you know I host LT’s comic book podcast called Cape Crisis (via the support on the Laser Time Patreon). I love comics of all shapes and sizes, but I’m a Marvel Zombie to the core, so obviously I’m on the lookout for any news on the next film. And, thanks to one actor’s tweets, I just got quite a lot of information on Captain America: Civil War. Just take a look…

First of all, I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised that Jeremy Renner of all people is the one to share these and make them official. I kinda doubt this is how Marvel wanted to confirm the existence of the art, and it makes me wonder if this is a continuation of Renner’s prickly relationship with Marvel. Or these are all just fakes Renner is circulating to make goofs like myself write up false images. Maybe he’s just excited about his extra purple outfit and teaming up with Ant-Man.

Speaking of teams, these (potentially real) images do confirm how the split between Avengers will go down, and with hero is siding with which.


So, on Iron Man’s side is his best bro War Machine, and Vision, his child with Bruce Banner, which I get. I’m surprised to see Widow side against Cap given their friendship in Winter Soldier, but SHIELD is her home. But I’m a bit dubious about Panther, given that he’s much more often working with Steve than Tony. On the other side…


You’ve got fanboy favorite duo of Hawkeye and Ant-Man, Sharon Carter with quite the upgrade from the last film (I wonder if she’s dating Cap?). Then there’s Falcon and Bucky, Cap’s best friends in the world who’d obviously side with Rogers. Also, is that supposed to be some sort of robo-bird back there? I guess having Sam Wilson talk to a real bird is a bit much for the MCU.

So provided Renner is pranking the interrnet via his modest Twitter following, what do you think of this art for the 2016? Exciting? Confused? Wish Spider-Man was in there somewhere? I want to know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War Art Has Tons Of New Info

  1. Really hope these are real cause they’re damn cool. From set photos I’ve seen, the Cap and Iron Man suits definitely match up. I love Hawkguy’s new suit too, nice to see some purple around.

    And yay for more Sharon Carter!

  2. I know this is Captain America: Civil War and I understand the license issues and all of that in the cinema universe and he’ll I really hated Civil War and love everything from Cap since Brubaker took over(aside from the awful 1st movie) but MAN these look like some small ass potatoes. No Thor and Hulk make this feel off and elephant in the room Iron-Man or Vision could dust everyone single handily and Cap will likely die further watering down The Avengers cast for the next two movies. I don’t think I want to watch Thanos take on two Ironmen, Vision a lady with guns and Black Panther.

  3. Holy Spoilers! Well, I guess if that poster is real, those aren’t really spoilers since that is what they want everyone to know going in….
    Where the crap is Scarlet Witch? Is she going to be the explosion cause? Or is the Ant-man stinger hinting that Bucky will be?
    Also… no web-slinger sighting yet.

  4. Cap’s team is no match for Stark’s team. I’m guessing some surprise characters will be jumping in for Cap or the heroes won’t be fighting each other much.

  5. With Vision on Iron Man’s side, and with how fucking broken overpowered he was in Age of Ultron, that pretty much says who they plan to win. In a Captain America movie.

    Which is ironic because they specifically got rid of Thor and The Incredible Hulk for these specific reasons- how OP they are in these movies. And yet they set up Vision to be able to teleport, phase-shifiting all over the place, and be able to pick up THOR’s HAMMER, which no one else on the team could do…

    /shakes head

  6. I think the fact that Iron Man’s team is OP is the point of the story. Cap is the constant underdog. I also like the thought that spider-man could tip the scales if he joined Cap, which plays into the original story! Loving this so far!

  7. I’ve read that Black Panther is a stand in for Spider-Man because they’re being super secret about his costume. I’m sure Kevin Feige said Panther was going to be a neutral party with a different perspective to Rogers and Stark.

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