Iron Giant Looks Better Than Ever In Signature Edition Trailer


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I’m Henry Gilbert, and hopefully you know I host LT’s comic book podcast called Cape Crisis (via the support on the Laser Time Patreon). Were you also aware that I love animation, especially the dying art of 2D? Even back in 1999 the medium was shrinking, as Warner Bros. decided to exit theatrically released cartoon features, with The Iron Giant being an unfortunate casualty. But after being barely seen by moviegoers, the film went on to be a cult favorite, and will soon be getting a remastered release! There’s even a trailer for it!

So, if you’ve seen the film at any point in the last 15 years, just about every moment in that film should stir some emotion in you. And that’s because Brad Bird is a goddamn genius of the animated medium, with skills built on decades of experience at places like Disney and The Simpsons, and he’d go on to be one of the top people at Pixar, even winning an Oscar for The Incredibles, then going on to make a fantastic live action film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – and also Tommorowland, which I think some people perhaps enjoyed, maybe. Now we’re full circle back to The Iron Giant: Signature Edition, as the director shepherds his updated masterpiece back into theaters.

That’s right, if you missed it back in 1999, or weren’t even alive then, you might be able to catch Iron Giant Remaster during its limited theatrical run in select theaters across America. There you’ll not only see all original stuff up on the big screen, it’ll also have two newly animated scenes that were storyboarded for the film but were cut for budget reasons. I guess Warner’s prepared to now pay for THE Brad Bird, so 10 minutes of fresh footage will be included in the film. Here’s hoping Bird learned a thing or two from George Lucas’ attempts to add new scenes to iconic works.

If you can’t make the screenings, don’t fear, because a little piece of the giant will come rolling your way digitally and on Blu-ray eventually, though no date has been announced beyond a vague “fall” time frame. Until then, you could always get the original version of The Iron Giant if you simply can’t wait. If you need any extra encouragement, let me leave you with one of my favorite scenes from the film, which, incidentally, was all staged out by Bird himself. Enjoy…

4 thoughts on “Iron Giant Looks Better Than Ever In Signature Edition Trailer

  1. saw this in the theater with my roommate back in the day. I remember a lot of parent there with really little kids and thinking “this is a giant robot movie, there’s no way this is for a 4 year old” and I was right as many parent took there kids out crying as the giant stood screaming as he was electrocuted. haha sorry, I shouldn’t laugh but parents should learn that just because it’s animated doesn’t mean you can plop any kid of any age down in front of it. a lot of lessons were learned that day.
    also, the limited theatrical release is playing on a Wednesday in Atlanta! what?! everyone is gonna miss this AGAIN! well, I’m gonna go see it again. even tho I could watch the DVD any time. haha

  2. Man, I haven’t seen this movie in sooo long, I think I actually saw this in theaters when it came out. I’m definitely gonna try and see this in theaters.

  3. Hopefully this will get a new Bluray release as well because I probably wont see it in theaters but would love to own it and watch it at home.

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