Cape Crisis #152 – Such A Thing As Too Much Batman?


Henry, Chris, and Dave welcome Danielle back onto the show to discuss the slow-moving machinery of Secret Wars, suggesting too many comics starring Batman, watching old cartoons, and the wisdom of Spider Jerusalem. Plus, your answers to last week’s community question…


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Cape Crisis #152 Question: Aside from Batman: The Animated Series, what was your favorite comic book animated series growing up?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #152 – Such A Thing As Too Much Batman?

  1. Does Ninja Turtles count? Probably not, as it took a huge departure from the comics and I had no idea of its origin at the time anyways.

  2. Yay for more Danielle!

    Also I’m sure it’ll be mentioned on the cast, but I love love love the current Batgirl series

  3. The ass kissing for all Marvel/Capcom related and hatred for all things Batman/Warner related on this site is reaching ThatGuyWithGlasses level. It was pretty valid in the first episodes of Cape Crisis but now you really just hate on the products for the pettiest of reasons. It’s quite annoying actually.

    1. But they said good stuff about a few different DC books? Like, ther was a real stretch where DC comics were only brought up to shit on them, and it was mostly when DC as a company was fucking up, but Henry talks up Justice League, and Super Man pretty often, and he had some good stuff to say about Sensation Comics. They’ve gotten a lot better at it.

  4. Great episode! Always awesome to get recommendations for forgotten books from the 90′ s, an otherwise dark period for comics.

  5. I actually like the idea of Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. I don’t think Marvel just cast her cuz she’s 50 and might as well be 70, I give them more credit than that. I think they want to make a sharp departure from the past Spidey films and got more a A.I.L.F Aunt May (Aunt I’d like to have fun with) and not some geriatric to look concerned for 90% of their screen time. Plus I’d love her to use her accent from “My Cousin Vinny” just picturing her say “Pete this web-shooter is dead on balls accurate”, makes me all warm inside. But I’m biased, I saw “My Cousin Vinny” at an age that really shaped what I look for in a woman.

  6. Two things:

    Henry is right about Spy – the movie is hilarious and Statham is the real scene stealer.

    Danger Mouse totally holds up, Chris. Give that shit a watch and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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