Halo 5’s Intro Cinematic Has Nathan Fillion & A Crazy Battle


Series star Master Chief may be conspicuous in his absence, but there’s plenty of other cool stuff to watch in the first three minutes of Halo 5 cinematics. Like Nathan Fillion! And war!

With the first big “part 5” game just released in the form of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, we’ve still got another much-anticipated quintet sequel on our plate for this year. As our Top 7 about the unexpectedly great fifth entries in film franchises points out, there are many different ways for a story to enthrall even after five chapters. While Metal Gear is going the Harry Potter route and piling even more lore to satiate fans who’ve followed the exploits of Hideo Kojima’s war epic since 1998, Halo 5: Guardians is going a different route and sticking to what made the series great; snarky battlefield chatter, crazy action, and freaky aliens. Check out the intro cinematic below!

While it would have been nice to see Master Chief, as a person who fell off of Halo’s lore midway through ODST, it’s nice to know there’s constants even with 343 Industries taking over development from Bungie. The banter that used to volley between the witty Cortana and straight man Master Chief is now spread amongst Fireteam Osiris thanks to the always-charming Nathan Fillion. Then when the strike team hits the ground, we get the insane mix of melee action, gunplay, and explosions that make every Halo game a fun rollercoaster ride. Even though I’m sure half of the plot will be a bit foreign, I can easily see myself jumping back into the action with Halo 5 this November. It probably helps that I just watched the movie version of Halo 5 recently when we streamed our commentary for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Monday Night Movies. What, you didn’t get flashbacks? Allow YouTube user nerdyhalofan to fill you in.

5 thoughts on “Halo 5’s Intro Cinematic Has Nathan Fillion & A Crazy Battle

  1. I’m a Halo fanboy and I find everything about this intro terrible. Am I getting too old for this shit? I hope not…

  2. Looking forward to this and Rise of the Tomb Raider this year.

    Also, I’m wondering why Master Chief is not the focus for most of the Halo 5 marketing campaign. Maybe his story is in the second half of the game.

  3. I’m not still not used to Halo cinematics looking this good. Where are the blocky, polygonal faces and flapping robot mouths?? In all seriousness, though, this looks super pretty. I’ve warmed up to my Xbone a lot, as of late, and this game is why I bought it in the first place.

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