Hellboy: Asylum Seeker – Let’s Do This Shit!


You don’t have to be a Marvel or DC hero to star in a crappy game. Even creator-owned comic stars like Hellboy can get their name slapped on crap, as this edition of Shit Show will demonstrate. Join us LIVE at 3PM Pacific time for this journey into hell!

UPDATE: Full shit show embedded below. In terms of shitiness, Hellboy exceeds all expectations]

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3 thoughts on “Hellboy: Asylum Seeker – Let’s Do This Shit!

  1. oh sweet mother of… my mouth actually fell open in disbelief when he started fighting those first zombie things. so bad soooo BAAAAAD.

    I’m sad that y’all closed comments from the youtube page. but heck… I can express my absolute shock at the insanity of this game. discovering the run was a GAME CHANGER!
    but still a shitty game.

    also, I would really like some solo LaserTimers videogame streams. are we talking a Henry G, Let’s Play? yes!

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