Cape Crisis #153 – To Squirrel, With Love


Henry, Chris, and Dave are a three man band, talking up a week of Marvel shake-ups, Deadpool teaming with Thanos, Tales Designed To Thrizzle, and of course we make room for the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl…


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Cape Crisis #153 Question: What comic game do you want to see get a new-gen remaster?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #153 – To Squirrel, With Love

  1. I finally (I know I should have done it before, and I’ve owned it for a few months) got around to reading the Infinity Gauntlet a couple of days ago. I gotta say, as much as Brett has hyped it up, it really is an awesome read. As someone who never got super into Cosmic Marvel, it differently got me interested in trying it out. Feels good to have finally read what was pretty much the only classic left on my list (beyond maybe the original Secret Wars).

  2. Fun time as always, gents, but can we lose that background song that peppered half of the show with maniacal monkey cackling, or whatever that was?

  3. Wasn’t Watchmen already the Unforgiven of comic book movies? It was about the end of the need for superheroes, coming out at a time when super hero movies had fallen out of favor.

  4. It’s great to see Dave take Ms. Marvel for his homework. it’s been my favorite superhero comic over the last year because Kamala is relatable and interesting. I do like the slow burn of Ms. Marvel despite that being a common complaint that I’ve heard.

  5. Larry King interviewed Stan Lee? Are they even allowed in the same room together? If someone just turned the thermostat down too low they could both die.

  6. Had a vision of Henry, Dave, and Chris in a nursing home, rocking chairs swaying back and forth, and saying “You remember when we made a living doing podcasts?”

  7. Battle Chasers comics – that brings back memories. Joe Mad – penciler and creator of Battle Chasers – made quite a name for himself with his X-men run, so there was quite a bit of hype with him starting his creator owned title. While I did enjoy the first few issues (I still have those issues), the constant delays ultimately ended the comic. The delays also plagued another comic in the same imprint as Battle Chasers, and that was Danger Girl.

    Similar to Battle Chasers, there was quite a bit of hype for Danger Girl because Campbell was another popular penciler at the time. Danger Girl also ended with only a handful of issues as well. The third title to launch in the Cliffhanger imprint was Crimson created by Humberto Ramos. Of the three titles, Crimson was the least hyped, but it was the longest running title and had an actual ending to the story that was not abrupt.

    Back to Battle Chasers, why is there a game being made now long after the comic ended?

  8. I tried my best to avoid spoilers for civil war but just using the art as the cover art to the artic all suck. So oh well I know now. But I just hope the kicker (seeing as he’s gonna be in daredevil) is the Cap Punisher scene in civil war. Cap and Punisher are my 2 favourites because they are the different side to the same coin. But it’ll never happen.
    But fingers crossed that now deadpool is an 18 rated movie they can bring punisher back in and do “slavers” as a film.

  9. Off topic, but I recently picked up the first issue of Figment from the Marvel/Disney mini-series from last year, and I really liked it. The artwork was amazing, and the story wasn’t too cutesy. Now I have to make a decision: Do I just buy the remaining four issues, or get the hardcover collection instead? It will end up costing about the same.

    I know, Figment world problems.

    Henry, have you ever read Flaming Carrot? It’s weird, but pretty funny.

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