Harry Potter Goes Full Slytherin In Grand Theft Auto Docudrama Trailer


Harry, how could you? The hero of Hogwarts takes a turn as one of the creators of Grand Theft Auto in an upcoming BBC film about the controversial Rockstar Games series.

After he led seven Harry Potter movies to billions of box office dollars, Daniel Radcliffe has been doing right by the former-child-star template. His roles since the conclusion of that series have sometimes been low-key (like playing Allen Ginsberg in a movie about the progenitors of Beat poetry) and sometimes but a cameo (as the lead of the hacky rom-com within Trainwreck), but even if the movies flop, Radcliffe usually delivers a performance worth talking about. That will certainly be the case with “Gamechangers,” an upcoming movie about the creation and subsequent controversy of the Grand Theft Auto franchise (well, technically the 3D adaptation of the franchise that started with GTA III). Radcliffe plays Sam Houser, one of the enigmatic Houser brothers who co-founded Rockstar Games and co-created the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Check out the trailer below where he explains the new world created by GTA and takes on everyone’s least-favorite enemy of gaming, Jack Thompson (played by Bill Paxton).

Aside from the fact that BBC trailers seem almost incapable of delivering ANY gravitas, this actually seems like a pretty intriguing premise. For as popular as the GTA games are, the silence behind the scenes of their development has deafening. If the story is truthfully told, it could be a great look at what went into making one of the most controversial and popular franchises in gaming history (at the very least it isn’t authorized since Rockstar is currently suing BBC over the film’s production). Radcliffe has an empty canvas to work with since the Houser brothers are not very public personalities, so it should be interesting to see how he portrays one of Rockstar’s frontmen.

What do you think of the trailer? Have you ever seen a BBC trailer that actually delivered emotion? Let us know about those topics in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Goes Full Slytherin In Grand Theft Auto Docudrama Trailer

  1. HAHAHAhahahahaha!!

    Man from that one clip, it sounds like they’re writing Sam Houser as David Cage.
    How adaptable was CJ, really? He got fat if you ate at Burgershot, and you could give him a gun tatto!
    Furthermore, which part of a game designer’s job includes cos-playing as their characters!?
    How on-the-nose could you possibly get with a headline where a serial killer says “Life is like a videogame”!

    This is a circus, and I will watch every episode!

  2. The BBC has had an odd relationship with video games outside of Charlie Brooker, who sometimes doesn’t even work with them at all.

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