This New BB-8 Phone-Controlled Droid May Be 2015’s Coolest Toy


It may set us back $150, but this replica BB-8 droid you can control with your phone might just be the holiday gift we buy ourselves this year…

While the jury is still out until December about whether Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens can restore order to the series (which we’re doing live commentary on every month via Patreon), we’re at least glad that the movie franchise has been resurrected during an age where we can finally get decent replica robots to play with after we’ve finished watching the movie. Whereas kids of the late 70s and early 80s probably had to make do with a crappy remote-controlled R2-D2 that could only move in four directions, consumed 4 D batteries, and was tethered to a bulky remote, modern technology has made a very close to movie-quality droid replica. Check out Sphero’s BB-8 App-Enabled Droid in the toy trailer below!

Pretty rad, right? While $150 is more than most Star Wars swag, it doesn’t seem that bad a deal given the BB-8’s feature set. Short of ACTUALLY projecting holographic messages on the wall and maybe bumping up the size so that it matches its on-screen presence, the BB-8 does just about everything else you’d want it to; it goes wherever you want (controlled either directly or via a pre-determined route you’ve inputted) and makes adorable bleeps and bloops (which I hope you can also command it to exert).

Get this schweet robot on Amazon!

The droid goes on sale on Sphero’s site, at Apple Stores, and at Best Buy starting at midnight Mountain Time. Are you going to part ways with $150 for this piece of tech? Perhaps our recap of the Star Wars Celebration Panel might change your tune…

3 thoughts on “This New BB-8 Phone-Controlled Droid May Be 2015’s Coolest Toy

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    Fucking inhumane assholes.

  2. Wow, I’m not even a Star Wars guy and this thing looks fucking sweet. What a weird thing!

    The highlight reel was a good watch too, thanks a lot guys.

    I guess I agree with this guy above me, it does suck to be a fish.

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