Laser Time – Soundtracks of Summer


Looking back on those special summer movie soundtracks that completely changed our music collections. Or playlists. Whatever! Do movies even get soundtracks anymore?


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50 thoughts on “Laser Time – Soundtracks of Summer

  1. ahhhhhhhh, thank you so much. the music episodes are probably my favourites if i had to choose. you just made my day at work infinitely more enjoyable

  2. FUCK YES I sincerely miss the days when big Summer movies had a corny pop song accompanied with it. Hopefully Jared Leto/30 Seconds to Mars and Will Smith bring the trend back with an awful rap rock song for Suicide Squad

  3. Kiss From a Rose is honestly one of my favourite songs ever. It’s so cheesy and 90s but god damn is it not the most listenable thing ever.

  4. Right after I finished listening to this show I heard, blasting in from a neighbor’s apartment, the sound of jets shrieking around, explosions, and the Top Gun theme. I remember seeing Top Gun at the theater when I was 9, the same year I started getting tapes, and really getting into music, that carries on to today, I still pay for MP3s of albums by groups I’ve been into for a long time. I would look at the tape of that soundtrack all the time at the store, but never actually bought it.

    I’ve watched a number of 80’s movies lately that have huge songs in them, but it’s hard to tell if the songs were made specifically for the movie, or were big on the radio, so they got put in the movie later, or what.

  5. Oh man this episode was awesome. I woke up my wife by laughing too loud to Brett’s .wav file from 96. Hilarious.

  6. I have an unfortunate love of what I often call “80s soundtrack rock”, a specific flavor of butt-rock that was EVERYWHERE in 80s movies but never achieved any traction on its own. The Transformers soundtrack is the best example, but basically anything that was ever in a sports or kids’ movie qualifies.

  7. Speaking of Summer, I finally watch Wet Hot American Summer(the movie and the series) cause you guys wouldn’t STFU about it.

    It’s weird, but the part I liked best about the series was the part people hate most about the Star Wars prequels. All of the unnecessary origins were the funniest jokes.

    As soon as I saw H. Jon Benjamin I was immediately like “Oh my god, how is he going to get turned into that can of vegetables?!” And then he was!

    That said, I actually only thought the original movie was okay. Liked the series more.

  8. Great episode. Batman Forever soundtrack will always have a soft spot in my heart. It introduced me to PJ Harvey, and her tune on that is excellent. Also Method Man is the king of selling horrible soundtrack tie-ins. “It’s Da Ridlaaaaaa!” I don’t know if he’d reach such heights again until his Sour Patch Kids song.

    I wouldn’t say it was a great soundtrack overall, but I listened to the Natural Born Killers album a fair amount just because it had one of my favourite Nine Inch Nails songs, “Burn”, and it was only available on that album. I also listened to Lard’s “Forkboy” a lot, which was basically Ministry with Jello Biafra on vocals.

    I watched Kenny Loggins live a couple years ago. That dude was king of the 80s soundtrack, and he didn’t shy away from trotting out the hits like Danger Zone from Top Gun, Footloose, I’m Alright from Caddyshack…pure 80s cheese but he really nailed it. Great voice even after all these years.

    1. How could I forget NIN’s “The Perfect Drug” on the Lost Highway soundtrack? Man, I bought a lot more soundtracks than I realized. The thing is though, I bought most of them used; people got sick of soundtracks more quickly because of their scattershot nature, and it was easy to find used soundtracks a year or two after the movie had already came and went.

  9. -Method Man’s “The Riddler” is one of my favorite songs of his.
    -Kelis married Nas, not Mya.
    -Ginuwine sings “Pony”, not Blackstreet. They sing “No Diggity”.
    -Jay-Z has a songs on both Nutty Professor soundtracks.
    -The remix to R. Kelly’s “Gotham City” is better than the original.

  10. Movies have soundtracks?
    (But seriously, as someone born after alot of these movies came out, the idea of a “songs inspired by the movie” album is the most inexplicable ‘why doea this exist’ thing ever)

  11. all those mash up songs were weird.
    i never knew it so much of a thing. weird.
    Brett waited the whole episode to absolutely geek out about Top Gun.
    or his Top Gun nostalgia. heh.

  12. More music episodes? Would it be fair to say there will be a degree of… shame… to many of these?

    These are always some of the best.

  13. How did you do this full episode without mentioning anything by will Smith? I’m almost certain MIB and wild wild west were summer movies.

    1. Mate, I didn’t of think of him, had the combo of lead actor and lead musical artist. Men in Black still gets played here sometimes.

      I came to bemoan the lack of Mission Impossible songs, one with Limp Bizket and the other with Kanye. I don’t really like either but great to laugh at.

      Laser time pre order cancelled.

  14. Great show guys! The genre mashup albums you mention were all put together by Immortal Records, which is why they are similar. Immortal Records also has the distinction of breaking in such vaunted acts as Korn, Incubs, 30 Seconds to Mars and none other than Funkdoobiest lmao. Thanks for mentioning I Against I, I play that song all the time.

  15. Haha Great episodes, though I have one point!
    The Spawn music you say would never in any other movie, Reginald I disagree! Mainly because that soundtrack would work in the Dredd movie 😉 but I loved this episode thanks for putting this together

  16. Loved this episode. When I was in middle school they forced us to sell magazine subscriptions to earn money for the school or something, and you got prizes for selling certain amounts. I’m 100% sure this was a scam of some kind. Anyway, the only realistically achievable prize tier let you get a cassette tape, and in my estimation the only tape worth getting was the Ghostbusters Two soundtrack. From Bobby Brown to Elton John, it was a rocking summer.

  17. As a kid, I loved the Tarzan soundtrack. I think it got my started on liking Phil Collin thanks to Son of Man, Strangers Like Me, You’ll Be in My Heart, and Two Worlds.

  18. I think my first soundtrack was probably Ghostbusters in 1984 and my parents must have regretted that since I played it until it was so scratched I could not play it anymore.

  19. Not only did I see Doctor Doolittle multiple times, I saw Doctor Doollittle 2 at a DRIVE IN. 20-somethings are the weirdest middle generation.

  20. Awesome episode guys, another winner from the Laser Time crew.

    Coincidentally, I found a video today featuring Waka Flocka Flame (a rapper) collaborating with Good Charlotte, on a song for Pixels. Needless to say, it was shit.

  21. It’s worth noting that the whole tracks inspired by the motion picture thing hasn’t actually stopped. For example Avengers had a CD with several tracks that weren’t in the film but were inspired by it. The name of the CD was Avengers Assemble: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture.

    Here’s one of the worst songs from it. I heard it everyday when I worked at a movie theater.
    You’ll see a ton of movie footage in the official music video.

  22. A fine episode to be sure, but this one got me thinking what everyone’s actual favorite bands are. I’m actually reminded of Last Action Hero featuring two songs by my second-favorite band, Alice in Chains, that weren’t found on any of their album at the time. I don’t think Rush made it into any movies, though!

  23. Great episode – I grew up around the same time most of you guys did, during that magical time of paying $20 to get the latest and greatest motion picture soundtrack from your Columbia House subscription (which I had to package with shit like The Verve Pipe and Powerman 5000 as my two “free” CDs with purchase). I still throw on Spawn: The Album on occasion for a laugh at how horrifically bad my taste in music was at the age of 16.

    I especially have a soft spot for the Mortal Kombat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which truly hooked me on KMFDM (still a fan to this day), Fear Factory, and embarrassingly enough, Gravity Kills. In fact, my very first rock concert was Gravity Kills. I swear to god that the lead singer came out for the encore, and said “Who’s ready to get GUILTYYYYYYYYYY” before going into that stupid, stupid song as their closer. I’m still convinced that Gravity Kills is actually 311 in disguise with synthesizers.

    If you guys are looking for another cringe-worthy rap-rock hybrid album, can I suggest “Loud Rocks”? We got this album sent to my college’s radio station back when I was a weekend DJ freshmen year, and it achieved near-legendary status as bad record almost immediately:

  24. Wow, another great music based episode that made me cringe at my 90’s musical taste.

    Not sure how popular it was, but I remember the Snatch soundtrack being big with me and my friends back in the day.

  25. Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I know you guys love the games soundtrack (and who wouldn’t!?) , but the movie had a fantastic soundtrack as well. You’ve got all the Sex Bob-Omb and Crash and The Boys songs, Rolling Stones, the song that inspired the name “Scott Pilgrim” by Plumtree, and The Black Lips. The only problem with it is that it has the Metric version of “Black Sheep” instead of the (in my correct opinion) superior Brie Larson version. (

    1. When Chris was saying that movies don’t come with soundtracks specifically wrote for them anymore, I was yelling Scott Pilgrim. I’m a bit of a soundtrack nerd and this is one of my favorites. I even own the vinyl.

  26. Anyone else think Brett sounds weirdly similar to Mater in that soundbite?

    “We can be heroes? KACHOW!”

  27. My personal favorite was The Crow Soundtrack. Perfect moody music for my early teen years. I’m surprised it didn’t get brought up.

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