Cape Crisis #154 – Hot One In The Old Town Tonight


The dependable trio of Henry, Chris, and Dave get back together to compare notes on Star Wars, discuss the strategies of aging collectors, catch up on interesting Image books, talk about news that isn’t related to films, and SO much more…


In case you missed it, there’s a new Laser Time Patreon going, with some really cool rewards and milestone we’d love to reach with your help! Lots of new comic book content on Laser Time too. You should definitely check out¬†our YouTube channel. It’s got winning stuff like the hosts eating Fantastic Four themed food and Tim Burton coming to Arkham Knight!

Additionally, if you’ve yet to check them out, Laser Time has special commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, along with many others. Pick ’em up for $1.99¬†apiece.











Cape Crisis #154 Question: Where do you read comics?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #154 – Hot One In The Old Town Tonight

  1. Sweet, liking the new site layout.

    Just finished listening to all the tdar podcasts, much enjoy. Many gratitude
    Hulk dick

  2. I live in Florida AND had to deal with an AC being out for a 24 period beginning in the late afternoon. Was hot as fuck.

    Side note, I just moved to FL and don’t think it is so bad. Live in central Florida.

  3. Sweet, new cape crisis is always an awesome way to finish a hard day at work!Thanks for helping me unwind guys and I’m loving the new site layout.

  4. it sounds like you guys need to consider maybe making the LaserTime shows seasonal to some degree. like every so many weeks have a planned break of like two weeks where you guys can relax re-cooperate and plan for the next upcoming season. and make it so that some prerecorded pre-made stuff posts a little during that time. I literally just heard my friend talking about an young artist she knew dying of a heart attack because he was pulling crazy 16 hour days all the time with now rest.
    so… REST you guys!
    mental health and physical health are necessary.

    1. I have to agree, there’s nothing wrong with rest now and again. And I know you guys don’t like taking off time but if y’all are worried about disappointing fans (which I wouldn’t think would happen) just like put up a free pre-recorded movie commentary. It would be a nice bit of content while also showing the non-patrons what they’re missing.

  5. Chew?! Chew is worth $2000?! why? I mean I know a lot of people slept on it. but are people finally coming around to that series? it doesn’t seem like it. wait… are they working on a Chew live action or animated series? that would be awesome and explain why the price would be that high.

    also… I LOVE that the conversation delved into the world of super hero sex and sex parts,
    so great!
    and no… Power Girl wouldn’t “jiggle” if shot. Frank Cho has ALWAYS been a pervy mc pervsalot. I just mostly ignore him.

  6. I don’t know where else to put this, but after a month to think about the plot of Ant-Man I don’t think it makes much sense.
    If Pym Corps could shrink non-organic life at the beginning of the movie the military would be waaay into that. Imagine every soldier with enough gear on them to last months in the field. Or a single jet with 10,000 missiles(unlimited ammo).

    …or maybe a pocket tank for every soldier.

  7. I gotta weigh in on this Power Girl boob jiggle thing. So, if kryptonians have granite skin, I feel like that would make a secret identity really hard to keep. If you shook hands or hugged Clark Kent, and he felt like a marble statue, wouldn’t that raise some serious questions? Also, if you shot Superman in the balls, I have to think that they would bounce around like a speed bag. By that same logic, Power Girls breasts would move and shift as she moved, or if they were disturbed in some way, because breasts are attacked to the sternum in such a way as to naturally hang, not project out like torpedoes. Hank, I think you’ll need to bite the bullet and watch a bunch of videos of breasts bouncing and moving around. It’s for science. And great episode, btw.

  8. RE: The Marvel Studios shake up –

    To hear the guys on the IGN movies podcast explain it, this mostly sounds like a good thing. Supposedly the “Creative Team” was very slow to respond with script approval and/or notes on changes, which would delay production and annoy the production guys. And the one guy that they’ve essentially cut out was the one who was notorious for penny pinching, and now they might start paying actors decent money, which can only be a good thing.

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