Marvel’s Jessica Jones Gets First Trailer And Netflix Premiere Date


We’ve got a time and a teaser, but not much more than that on the Daredevil follow-up that should’ve been called Alias…

Ahead of its release I wasn’t all that sure Netflix’s Daredevil could pull off a serialized take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only was DD unproven in live action, but so was the cast and the very concept of a Marvel show you can binge watch immediately. I was very happy to be wrong, as Daredevil is one of my favorite series of 2015, and now, before the year is up, the second Marvel Netflix series is nearing release. Check out the trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones…

Stylistically that’s pretty similar to the early Daredevil teasers, which at the time filled me with some doubt because they were so vague. Now I think Marvel has earned a little trust for keeping its next Netflix series so vague, though the timeframe is crystal clear. November 20 (or 20 November for UK readers) is the launch, 12:01AM Pacific, 8:01AM GMT.

We all have questions after this trailer – mine’s “Do I stay up until 2am to watch the first couple episodes, or just wake up at 7am and watch four in a row?” But your’s might be “Who the hell is Jessica Jones?” Well, the short answer is the Krysten Ritter (a very talented actress) is playing the star of the comic series Alias, a book where Jessica Jones, a private investigator, got involved in the adults only world of Marvel, which took her to the unseemly places Iron Man and Spidey usually avoid.


The series, created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, was a critical hit for the time and will go down in history as the first Marvel book to feature the word “Fuck” in print. Though Jessica was an original character, she had the feel of one of Marvel’s ’70s creations, and she hung out with the likes of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, even marrying the latter. She was a conflicted hero who quit the costume game, even though it kept pulling her back in.

Based on the trailer, it looks to follow a similar arc,even using the Alias name of her PI company. Plus, Luke Cage is a recurring character in the show, which will no doubt be used to launch him as part of the next Netflix series in 2016. Will Iron Fist get involved as well? And what of Daredevil? Surely he’s running around there somewhere.


Guess we’ll all have to wait a couple of months to find out, though there’s always the option to read ahead. Below you’ll find links to many of Jessica Jones’ best books, whether she’s the star or a supporting character. Give her a chance and I’m sure you’ll love her just as much as I do.










6 thoughts on “Marvel’s Jessica Jones Gets First Trailer And Netflix Premiere Date

  1. As Cape Crisis tradition has been, a Marvel trailer is released the day AFTER the latest episode was recorded. I’m glad you’re able to get these writeups posted so quickly. Thanks for the comic recommendations. Keep up the good work.

    Also, you need to go try a Hardee’s biscuit!

  2. I hope there’s butt sex in episode 1 just like the comic!!!
    joking aside I always loved the JJ/Cage relationship the fact that it’s nbd that they’re interracial is very nice when I moved from Vermont to Oakland I quickly learned that interracial relationships issues can trump even the issue homosexual ones face in the eyes of many and you can hear so many awful things. Also I loved Alias for introducing me to The Purple Man, I just wish Kristin Ritter could’ve been Zatana instead only gripe

  3. Having read both the entire Alias run and the first New Avengers (Bendis) omnibus in the last few months, I became a pretty big fan of Jessica Jones so I’m beyond excited for this show

  4. I’m really not all too familiar with the character but it’s a show about a detective with Krysten Ritter as the star so I’m automatically on board. When the netflix shows were all announced way back when, this is the one I was most interested in…sorry DD!

  5. I am super excited to watch this, but more excited as this continues to lead into The Defenders team up. I only know Jessica Jones from the New Avengers, but that run was practically The Defenders but with Spider-man and Wolverine.

  6. After reading this and looking into Alias, I’m actually really interested in the premise for the comics. Sounds right up my alley

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