Things Are Different and, As A Result, Terrifying

Hey, all,

What’s up, Laser Timers. Your humble webmaster, Josh, here. You may have noticed that things look different around here! It’s entirely frightening, I know, but it shouldn’t be all that different. The kick-ass forums are still there (Post! Make friends! Engage in illicit romances?!), you can still find all your favorite podcasts, and watch all the rad videos that the good folks here at Laser Time produce. But now in a way that works on your phone!

That being said, launching a new web site is like witnessing the birth of a child. It’s exciting, yet frightening, and it keeps pooping when you’d least expect. As such, your help is much appreciated. If there’s something that isn’t working right for you or looks off, let me know! Either respond to this post or shoot me an email at Or if there’s any features you’d like Laser Time to have that they don’t currently, let me know that, too! I am to web development what the Laser Time hosts are to jokes about farts, dicks, and farting on dicks. That is to say, distressingly knowledgeable. So, yeah. Hope you guys all like the new site, and feel free to get ahold of me with any questions or concerns.

47 thoughts on “Things Are Different and, As A Result, Terrifying

  1. I feel like that girl in Poltergeist “What happening? WHAT HAPPENING??!!!!!”

    Hjels is right though, the new page is beautiful.

  2. Amazing job Josh! I hope people are willing to give feedback. I might shoot you an email myself.

    Tip: If the site looks a little off to you, mess around with the zoom. I had to adjust mine and everything looks properly organized now.

  3. A very slicker, more professional looking page. I have yet to experience any issues myself but like others I’ll also keep you in the loop.

  4. So far I’ve only seen the new format on mobile, but I quite like it. The menu is pretty neat. One request/question: will the site ever sort contributors by name? I have personally written a few articles for lasertime, but they just get grouped with every other fan written article. I feel that allowing people to easily see what articles were written by a single writer (like the guy who writes about how to be a better writer, the play/write series) would be beneficial.

  5. yep loving it so far – particularly the new podcast pages which will make listening to old episodes much more convenient. nice work!

  6. I really like the new look of the site. Great work! It even looks good on mobile (Windows Phone). Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey, all! Thank you for the great feedback and all your help. The RSS feeds are definitely first priority when it comes to Day One Fixes.

    In the mean time, a kind fellow named Mark (not sure his name on the site here), was kind enough to dig up a list of the feeds:

    I’ll be working on a more permanent solution soon. Again, all your suggestions and feedback are WAY appreciated.

  8. Looking good, One thing I’d like added would be a login button on the main page so I don’t need to go to the forum’s page to login and then back to the main page/article in order to leave a comment.

  9. Looks great Josh! Is there any way the current Monday Night Movies schedule could be added under the “Live” category?

  10. The redesign looks great! One thing I was wondering about was the ad placement. Wouldn’t it make sense to have prominent links to Patreon and/or a link to post an iTunes review? Maybe sharing links for social media to let friends know about Lasertime. In the long run, it seems like these types of ads may be more helpful than whatever ad revenue you’re getting from cell phone carriers. I also like the idea of a “Live” category, maybe it lights up red when the guys are streaming? Finally, and I know this is a pain in the ass, it would be great if there was less spam and more functionality to the forum. Using a third party avatar system isn’t the best…even if they whole forum had to be scrapped to migrate to a subdomain phpBB, I’m sure most users would make that sacrifice for a badass forum experience. Thanks for putting so much hard work into this redesign so far. Much appreciated!

  11. I usually dislike how many sites try to update and redesign these days, but that being said I actually really like how this looks! My main concern is always functionality and how easy it is to find stuff and understand what I’m looking at, and this does great at all of those things and looks great at the same time! Also love the new Login button!

    Things to fix: when you click outside of the comment box, the font changes color to white and becomes invisible until you click back in making you think your comment was lost. I’m seeing a string of characters floating around the site “pub-5346902671514381” both on the homepage in an empty gap under the patreon tile and on an article page to the right of “Related Laser Time Crap” heading.

    I think just in general a Search function would be a nice addition. Also the old comics done for LT like Ask Axe Battler and Ladies’ Knight with Kuros are now buried to only be seen by those who already know about them.

  12. Much better! Design looks good and the layout for podcasts and youtube links and stuff is a lot more functional. Great job!

    But I still wish there was an About page. And maybe the Patreon link could go on the Donation page as well?

  13. Honestly, the new site’s amazing. Haven’t ran into any bug and everything looks as slick and functional as expected, especally like the colour coordinating with different podcasts/article. Even the mobile version works well! You get two thumbs up from this guy

  14. I already tweeted my compliments to Chris & Laser Time the day the redesign launched but I wanted to echo them here for the man responsible.

    I love this new design. It’s incredible. Way better than most high profile, big budget sites. Amazing work man.

  15. I’ve encountered a weird issue while checking the site on my phone. For some reason it won’t show me any new articles after the “10 More Amiibo They Should Totally Make for Smash Brothers” one, and it’s been like that for the last 2 days.

    And yeah, I’ve tried cleaning the cache and any stored web data for the page, but it still won’t show me any newer articles beyond that one despite the fact that obviously there are, since I’m seeing them right now trough my laptop. Any suggestions?

      1. I’m using a galaxy light android phone and chrome as a browser,and had never encountered an issue like this before.

        However, I’m typing this on my phone new, and the issue seems to have been resolved. I see all the new articles now up to today’s lasertime episode. I don’t know if anything was done on your end, but regardless, thank you so much! đŸ˜€

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