Celebrate Super Mario Bros. Turning 30 With A New/Retro Miyamoto Interview


30 years ago today Nintendo changed gaming with the launch of Super Mario Bros. See then and now how two of its creators remember it in this new interview…

On September 13, 1985, toymaker Nintendo had already seen some success with its Famicom thanks to arcade ports like Donkey Kong and Popeye, but now the systems killer app had arrived. After starring in single screen adventures, the Nintendo EAD team led by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takeshi Tezuka crafted a whole new, scrolling world for Mario, and it felt like the most expansive game ever created. 30 years later, Miyamoto and Tezuka are ready to reflect on that success, and – thanks to some rarely seen archival footage – we can even see their younger selves discuss the game’s creation…

Were we ever so young? Obviously Miyamoto has at least gained enough corporate status that he was able to switch to his standard t-shirt and blazer combo some years ago. It’s also intriguing to see the archaic development programs compared to Super Mario Maker‘s tools, the game this trailer is obviously meant to sell. Commercial reasoning aside, it’s just damn heartwarming to witness this rare look back at how Super Mario came to be, which also gets me thinking back to when I first saw the game in 1987. Yup, the biggest Mario fan at Laser Time was two years late to the series, what a poser! Forgive me for not playing it when I was 3.

We and my Laser Bros. have been making up for that lost time all September as part of our Mario anniversary celebration. We listed the the top 7 Mario worlds (other than the Mushroom Kingdom) as well as 13 Mario secrets you never knew, but that’s just the beginning. Are Thursday Nintendo stream has been Mario all month long. We started with the birthday boy himself, Super Mario Bros. on both NES and SNES…

And followed that up with BOTH versions of Super Mario Bros. 2, both USA and Lost Levels!

Be sure to keep following our stream for the rest of the month to check out even more MLG Mario gaming! And once more, happy birthday pizanos!










3 thoughts on “Celebrate Super Mario Bros. Turning 30 With A New/Retro Miyamoto Interview

  1. I hope this becomes the start of nintendo showing us their old game design concepts and blu prints. there was just something great about seeing those hand drawn level designs.

    1. Surprisingly, the “idea booklet” that comes with every copy of Super Mario Maker is more like a small art book and includes a lot of those amazing original blueprints. It’s a really nice bonus that I don’t think the advertisements really conveyed.

  2. My favorite part of the video is what Tezuka says at 8:16. “If you play a popular stage and it isn’t fun, you can get a new perspective that your interests, aren’t mainstream.” To me that’s an important reality about game design that people forget. Pretty much the basis of the “vocal minority” in most comment sections I would guess.

    Also, when you guys do stream Super Mario Maker, I hope you’ll have time to stream some levels made by the LT community. After all the whole fun of the game in my mind is seeing how others approach your level but you don’t really get much detail about that normally unless someone’s in the same room to play it.

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