Laser Time – How To Survive A Scandal


Celebrities are getting in a lot of trouble these days, so we look back at some famous folks who got hit with some career-ending scandals, yet somehow crawled their way back to the top – or at least to the middle…


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24 thoughts on “Laser Time – How To Survive A Scandal

  1. I want to listen, but I’ve never watched Scandal. I’ll save this episode until I’m caught up.

  2. There are a lot of scandels that could have been brought up, but I’ll put out one that wasn’t talked about.

    Dr. Dre’s attack on Dee Barnes. People forget that around the NWA stuff, Dr. Dre got in trouble for attacking his girlfriend, and attacking Dee Barnes, who was a music reporter at the time. What’s even crazier, is that he just now had to own up to it. I think there is a reference in the “Guilty Conscience” song with Eminem, but I think that’s it.

    Also Jerry Lawyer. You know, the underage girls thing.

  3. Gotta love the internet generation where everyone gets ruined by all the dumb crap they post without thought… Here’s to being brought down by this in the future

  4. I know they’ve talked about it on other podcasts before, but Marky Mark Wahlberg is the big one I think was missing. Dude literally committed a violent hate crime and everyone seems to love him anyways.

  5. I have a few of celebrities I want to bring up.

    Steve Irwin dangled his then new born son near a crocodile whilst giving a demonstration. It wasn’t illegal but kinda fucked up his career until his death.

    The second one, Kobe Bryant. In today’s SJW society, how come no one has brought up Kobe Bryant’s rape allegations? He’s still being celebrated as a iconic basketball player despite what he did.

    What bothered me about Hulk Hogan’s recent scandal is that no one brought up how much of a bigger racist Vince McMahon is. From offensive gimmicks to calling Cena the n-word. How he’s managed to come out of all those racial incidents unscathed astounds me.

    1. Don’t you worry, every time Kobe comes to the state of Colorado he is booed and called a rapist by the fans here. The rest of the states just need to jump on board the Kobe is a rapist bandwagon, just like our legal weed bandwagon, plenty of seats.

  6. This was a fun episode to listen to, even to an outsider. It’s one that wouldn’t really fit in the UK, since our celebrities’ scandals tend to only come out after they’re dead.

    Mikel’s right, Channel 4 did make a “docudrama” about the theoretical execution of Gary Glitter, and it’s on YouTube at .As for Glitter himself, he came back from Vietnam a few years ago and now spends his time in and out of prison over here instead. I don’t think he’ll be bothering the charts any time soon.

  7. “What’s the difference between a bag of cocaine and a baby? Eric Clapton doesn’t drop the bag of cocaine”
    I am not sure if they talked about this one, but somehow that guy’s career recovered from that.

  8. With Britney Spears she was having a hard time but I heard the reason she shaved her head was because K-Fed (who holds a pinfall victory over John Cena) wanted to have her drug tested in their custody/divorce case and they would test her hair because drug residue rests there. So by shaving it off they couldn’t do a test. I don’t think it was one of those things that she just did for the crazy of it. Of course to get to that level you’d have to hit some shit.

  9. This was a really fun episode that had many an awkward collar tug. I actually want you guys to do more Hollywood gossip!
    Also, what about Alec Baldwin? He left that vicious message against his daughter several years ago, but as the fifth Mission Impossible proves, his career’s still going well enough.

  10. Chris, you’re noticing the weirdness of negative commentors suddenly showing up after the patreon started is a perfect example of what Henry was explaining. it was explained to me by Scott Kurtz, who has done very well for himself as a comic book artist after years of slow build. but when you hit a certain number of followers. subscribers, listeners, readers, you enter a point where you are reaching people who you don’t want to. you’re high profile enough and in the spotlight enough to garner attention from people who think it’s their job to keep you from “becoming egotistical” or something. everyone thinks success changes people, in LaserTimes case it means you guys can eat dinner and have a bed to sleep in. it’s not like you guys are raking in millions a month. it upsets me when I hear about people attacking others for any level of success. I see a lot of indy comic artists go through that. I remember Noelle Stevenson (Nimona, LumberJanes) going through that same drama recently after her sudden sky rocket to fame.

  11. Christian Slater went to jail as well for some kind of assault or domestic violence. He served time but got out early for good behavior. I remember hearing about it on some entertainment show where the prison staff referred to him as a “model prisoner.” Apparently he was very polite and humbled. I’m pretty sure around the same time as RDJs problems.

  12. How about Don King? I read be had beat a man to death back in the 80’s. I’m not sure about his “comeback” but it is rarely ever mentioned in the media.

  13. I understand what Michael was trying to get across, and I don’t think he thinks Ike Turner was just in a toxic relationship and that is what made him hit Tina, but an abuser is always an abuser. Me and my mom lived with a man for a while after her divorce who beat her all the time and one time I had to watch as he tried to down her in the kitchen sink. He had a wife before my mom with three kids, and I could tell they all went though same shit I did. After my mom he had four other marriages, and though I don’t know the details, I’m sure they all went similarly.

    He died in 2012, four months after my son was born. 2012 was a great year.

  14. I was waiting the whole episode for you guys to mention Sean Penn and Madonna:

    In June 1987, Madonna went to the Cedars Sinai hospital for an X-ray after Penn apparently hit her across the head with a baseball bat. At the time, they had been having a heart-to-heart talk about reconciling.
    Madonna did not make an official complaint because Penn was about to serve a short jail term for attacking a film extra. He served 33 days of a 60-day sentence in the Los Angeles County jail (23 hours a day in solitary) for violating the probation he’d been given for punching a fan.
    He was released into his wife’s arms, only for her to throw him out of a taxi a few hours later after yet another set-to.
    Their violent arguments were exhausting for everyone, but Madonna hesitated to admit that the marriage had failed. Though she saw lawyers about getting a divorce, she hung on for a full year to see if it could be saved.
    It was a decision she would come to regret. In the late afternoon of December 28, 1989, Penn scaled the wall surrounding the Malibu house and found Madonna alone in the master bedroom.
    According to a report filed by Madonna with the Malibu sheriff’s office, the two began to quarrel. Penn told her he owned her ‘lock, stock and barrel’.
    When she told him she was leaving the house, he tried to bind her hands with an electric lamp and cord. Screaming and afraid, Madonna fled from the bedroom. What followed was a nine-hour ordeal which left her deeply shaken.
    Penn chased her into the living room, caught her and bound her to a chair with heavy twine. Then he threatened to cut off her hair.
    According to the police report, Penn was ‘drinking liquor straight from the bottle’ and the abuse went on for several hours, during which time he smacked and roughed up his victim.
    He went out to buy more alcohol, leaving Madonna bound and gagged. Some hours later, he returned and continued his attacks.
    Madonna said that he untied her after she agreed to perform a degrading sex act on him. She then fled the house and ran to her car.
    Penn ran after her and was banging on the windows of her Thunderbird while she spoke to police on her mobile phone. Fifteen minutes later, she staggered into the sheriff’s office.
    Lieut Bill McSweeny said: ‘I hardly recognised her as Madonna. She was weeping, her lip was bleeding and she had obviously been struck.’
    Penn was taken away in handcuffs and charged with inflicting ‘corporal injury and traumatic conditions’ on her, as well as committing ‘battery’.
    Madonna finally filed for divorce a week later, although she dropped the assault charges.

  15. Let me start by saying the obvious; ROMAN POLANSKI DRUGGED AND ANALLY RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! Was the trail and the judge a joke and did wrongful things? Yes however ROMAN POLANSKI DRUGGED AND ANALLY RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! Has he had a horrible life filled with incidents that no one should through? Yes, however ROMAN POLANSKI DRUGGED AND ANALLY RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! But he made Chinatown and Romary’s Baby which are masterpieces and Hollywood has forgiven him. Yes but ROMAN POLANSKI DRUGGED AND ANALLY RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! How big of an asshole is this guy (besides the obvious)? With the help of the troll that wished to become a bro Brett Ratner, Polanski did a “funny” joke about an anal situation in Rush Hour 3 as seen in the trailer below:

    It’s okay to make that joke though because Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan punch him in the face at the end of the movie right? No because…well you should know by now….

  16. What is the song at the 38:35 mark? I would think with the power of the Internet I could find anything, but this one is really eluding me. Any ideas?

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