LEGO Dimensions’ Voice Cast Is Pretty Damn Impressive


What game reunites cast from Back To The Future, Portal, Doctor Who, AND Community? A title that now has much more of my interest…

If you’ve been paying attention at all to upcoming games, you’ve seen that Skylanders and Disney Infinity have new competition in the form of LEGO Dimensions, which comes to basically every single console on September 27. But how do you keep up with the first toys-to-life game and everything Disney owns? By bringing together an eccentric collective of characters from the ’80s, ’90s, and today – AND by giving them extra legitimacy with an extra impressive voice cast. Just look at who they got to reprise roles in this game…

That’s right, developer TT Games brings together Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox as their Back To The Future characters, Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain as Portal’s killer robots, Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who, Matthew Lillard and Frank Welker from Scooby-Doo, AND Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard from Jurassic World among many, many others. And that’s just the start.

Chris Pratt is pulling double duty, as he’s also among the LEGO Movie voice cast reprising their roles, including Elizabeth Banks, Charlie Day, and Alison Brie. Sadly, Will Arnett isn’t there as Batman, but in his place in gaming’s voice over everyman, Troy Baker, along with Tara Strong reprising her role as Harley Quinn. By the way, Joel McHale plays LEGO Dimensions’ robot guide, and if he and Alison Brie’s Unikitty don’t at least share a moment together, then TT Games clearly doesn’t care about Community fans.

The game also has Gary Oldman as the big bad (who better not secretly be the players dad again), along with as yet uncredited talent from Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters, and The Simpsons – if they only secured Milhouse, I’m fine with that. I just hope I don’t have to own every single toy set to hear them in the game, but undoubtedly that’ll be the case. If the cast’s authenticity has finally sold you on this LEGO-ized approach to game/toy hybrids, why not buy it through the Amazon links below? It helps support this very site at no extra cost to you!










4 thoughts on “LEGO Dimensions’ Voice Cast Is Pretty Damn Impressive

  1. will this fantastic list of voice talent distract us from the typical gameplay mechanics that every lego game ever still has? seems like a gimmick but i hope they improve some stuff to make the games more appealing to everyone if they are going to turn it up to eleven with the voice acting.

  2. Sounds awesome but not quite awesome enough to outweigh that price tag…. if I had kids though I’d just buy this for them to justify any costs.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Tranquilbez22 and Mr Giraffe – if the Starter Pack wasn’t twice the price of the equivalent on Disney Infinity 3.0 (which I currently want more) I’d get it for sure.

    Oh, and it’s not on every console Henry. It’s not on PC or handhelds, unlike every other LEGO game. Which is another reason I won’t be getting it. Sadly. Youtube here I come!

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