Meet The Amazing Geek Behind Wrestling’s Most Boss Costumes

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See how one man went from indie wrestler to one of the top costume designers in the WWE…

Great costume design is at its best when it goes unnoticed. You see some colorful tights or an expertly fitting jacket and see the clothes as the performer’s second skin. But it takes a lot of work to make them look so good, as Sarath Ton can attest. Just check out this engaging, short documentary about one wrestler turned tailor to the superstars…

As a fellow geek – though a far less athletic one – it’s easy for me to identify with Ton. I mean hell, I own that exact same issue of Amazing Spider-Man they show in the episode. Wrestling has appealed to me since a young age because it had the feel of comic books come to life, and Sarath uses that influence when making unique clothes for men and women alike. At the time of filming, he was most known for making Sasha Banks’ outfits, which he should because The Boss ALWAYS looks spectacular.

He’s also Sasha Banks’ fiance, so, ya know, it’s cool to hate him too. Know what’s even more impressive about Sarath Ton? Since recording this mini-doc, Ton is now the top wardrobe make in WWE, which is about the highest level you can get in that profession. It also means he’s on the road with the WWE still, which gives him time to show off his considerable Street Fighter skills (seen below). Damn, I love this guy now too. I totally get why Sasha is so into him.

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  1. umm… I thought the costume designer for WWE was a lady. I’ve been drinking.. but still.. is the old on Diva’s fired or dead?

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