New Pokken Tournament Trailer Says “Suplex City, Pikachu!”


At last, Pokemon and pro wrestling are closer than ever before in this arcade/Wii U fighter…

Pokemon and professional wrestling has a deeper connection than most think. Not only are pocket monsters like Halucha and Machamp obvious references to sports entertainment, there’s also Pikachu Libre, one of multiple Cosplay Pikachu costumes introduced in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. So, when the makers of Tekken are working on a Pokemon fighting game, you better believe that this masked Pikachu is going to be grappling his way into the game!

I mean, seriously, if you’re a wrasslin’ nerd such as myself, you were shouting out move after move as Pikachu Libre took the other fighters to school. Dropkick! Moonsault! German Suplex! And I swear, I saw her do a freaking Stone Cold Stunner, though since this is the Japanese trailer, perhaps it’s an Ace Crusher. Regardless, I saw Pikachu Libre multiple suplexes at the close has GOT to be a reference to Brock Lesnar and his violent journeys to Suplex City. Hell, maybe the devs were even inspired by this Botchamania ending.

I thought Suicune might be my main, but I’m definitely partial to this new lucha libre practitioner. Pokken Tournament has been out in Japanese arcades for sometime, so folks overseas have been enjoying their Gengar vs. Charizard battles for months. If you’re not lucky enough to have access to that edition, a Wii U version of the Bandai Namco game comes to North America Spring 2016. In the meantime, you should prepare yourself for some rough Pokemon combat by watching this classic episode from the anime’s first season.

4 thoughts on “New Pokken Tournament Trailer Says “Suplex City, Pikachu!”

  1. Having played it in Japan, I hope for fans’ sake that it has plenty of new features and characters packed into the home release. I had a fun time with it, but I wasn’t convinced there was much depth to this fighter. I could be wrong, and this new character variant is a delightful surprise. The most interesting thing about the arcade version is that it features a pad rather than a stick, and a pretty damn nice pad at that.

  2. Yes, that Pikachu just kicked Charizard in the stomach and proceeded to do a Stone Cold Stunner. That is so awesome and dumb and I love it!

  3. So I actually got to try out the Pokken game when I was in Japan. My limited Japanese definitely hindered my ability to “win” or “perform a combo” but from what little I played the game is a lot of fun. The different kinds of pokemon (blance, speed, power) all play completely different and each one has a wide variety of moves to use. Plus, seeing how there is a rock-paper-scissors style with the throws and blows of regular combat is really interesting. When the game actually comes out, it will be a lot of fun.

  4. I like how Pika-libre is a female Pikachu (you can tell by the tail), I wonder if that means she’s technically a fusion of Jaycee from Tekken Tag 2, Amalgam Comics style.

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