The Mr. Show Reunion Has A Netflix Premiere Date In New Teaser!


The hottest comedy reunion there is starts November 13! See your first glimpse of it…

So, this may seem like a perfectly timed anecdote, but I swear the following is true. I just awoke from a dream where I asked Brian Posehn about when I’d finally get to see the Mr. Show reunion series. Admittedly, it probably had something to do with falling asleep to Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ audiobook, but still, I think that shows you the kind of desperation this comedy nerd was feeling over the Netflix original comeback tour. Well, I didn’t have to wait long to find out…

Glad to see they’re getting in front of the “wow, those guys look old” comments. Made just in time for the 20th anniversary of Mr. Show’s premiere (Jesus, I’m old too), With Bob And David is a four episode season of sketch comedy, along with an hour long making of special, and it all arrives on Netflix November 13. Likely because they don’t own the rights to Mr. Show, Bob and David is still bringing back together a majority of the original cast and writers, along with some of the best comedy performers of today who were far to young to appear on the series in 1997.

If you never saw Mr. Show, then, well, I hereby revoke your comedy nerd privileges, as this cult sketch series is where a whole generation of dorks learned about the joys of alternative jokery, inspiring so many dorks (and regular folks). Had I not loved Mr. Show enough to follow the career of producer Scott Aukerman, I doubt I’d have heard his podcast in 2009 and been inspired to start recording shows of my own. Mr. Show isn’t just brilliant, it’s a touchstone for so much of the comedy I love to this day, so you can see why I’ll be excitedly waiting for With Bob And David to go live on November 13.

In the meantime, I leave you with one of my all-time favorite Mr. Show sketches, The Pre-Taped Call-In Show!

Also, seriously, if you’ve never seen Mr. Show, get the DVDs already!

2 thoughts on “The Mr. Show Reunion Has A Netflix Premiere Date In New Teaser!

  1. Awesome. I just started watching Mr. Show a few months back and I loved it (specially seasons 3-4). Hell, my ringtone is the intro and just yesterday I was watching one of the episodes. I have you guys to thank for getting me into this show!

    Also, as a comedy nerd it’s pretty cool to see people you know from podcasts and more recent stuff appear in these episodes.

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