Cape Crisis #155 – The Saga Continues


Henry and Chris do a two man show this week, and they’ve got a ton to talk to each other about. Hellcat’s new book, too many Avengers, where our listeners read, Henry referring to Tokyo Ghost by the wrong name, the plight of the X-Men, and so much more…


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Cape Crisis #155 Question: What comic would you suggest to a younger reader?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #155 – The Saga Continues

  1. It’s odd to find myself in a week where I didn’t buy a new issue from Comixology… Luckily I made up for it by buying a Daredevil trade off Amazon

  2. Thinking about the Mary Jane situation, I think Chris is right. Her moving to Iron-man books basically means she is probably going to be tied up in those plots and intrigues making her appearance and involvement in the Amazing Spider-man unlikely/rare. That bums me out because regardless of their relationship status, I always enjoy Peter and MJ’s interactions. So that is why the Iron-man thing bums me out. I don’t care that she is dating others, I care that this probably means we won’t see her in this rather exciting new version of Peter’s world.

  3. Henry’s catfish adventure was… kinda sad in that way you remember an old cereal was so good as a kid and then as an adult you have it again after 15 years and it just doesn’t feel the same. plus Henry sitting alone eating makes me sad. I guess because it just reminded me of myself. sometimes your friends just aren’t around to balance out those kinds of adventures. not to be a bummer. sorry. ANYHOO, I liked this episode! I disagree with the idea that Hawkeye was the open door for quirky Marvel books. I think the old Joe Kelly Deadpool run was the open door and it was like a cartoon pie was left on the window sill and the delicious odor cartoonishly carried a bunch of series and characters through the air to this point over the years. that wasn’t a labored clumsy metaphor AT ALL! sounds like Henry should stay away from Ain’t it cool news… that sites bad about spoiler header/banners. just bad.

  4. Was an old looney toons game music playing under this episode? If so I can’t remember if that game was good or terrible, but I remember it was long.

  5. It really makes me sad that Marvel has been forced to basically abandon the X-Men, because of Fox. Yeah, there are a million terrible mutants that nobody cares about, but there are so many great characters that have kind of fallen to the wayside.

    On an unrelated note, I realized today that I never actually finalized my Amazon shopping cart the other day, so I’m not getting my new Saga trade until Saturday. Consternation!

  6. You need to make a special series of Henry’s adventures in California. Or maybe just a clip show of past stories of all of ya’lls California life. Chris held up in the Denny’s was a good one, but Henry’s stories all feel like they could be in a HBO miniseries. They are all humorous and kind of sad. It’s how I picture myself if I tried to live in California. I got so mad last week when that guy gave you shit for reading Spider-Man. Just made me fantasize in my head what I would say to some asshole who said that to me. I can’t believe people.

    I looked that place up on Yelp too. Most of those reviews are clearly written by people who work there or friends. And the pictures make it look like a shithole for sure. There is one review that is clearly from a hipster though as you said. This week has once again made it embarrassing to be a Texan, but on the other hand I’m damn happy I can go anywhere and get a fucking fantastic Fried Catfish platter.

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