Chris Is Always Doing Those Dumb Flintstones Voices, So I Made This

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Chris does a lot of voices on the Laser Time podcasts, and you know what? They’re not bad. But that doesn’t save him from getting dubbed into old TV shows.

If you’re curious, this comes from Vidjagame Apocalypse #128. Along with hearing Chris, you’ll catch host Mikel Reparaz, Henry Gilbert, and special guest Tyler Nagata in the clip too. Yabba dabba doo!

Tony is an Editor here at Laser Time. Hit him up on Twitter for more Flintstones gags.

18 thoughts on “Chris Is Always Doing Those Dumb Flintstones Voices, So I Made This

  1. This is phenomenal. I always love when people edit the hosts to some kind of footage, and this is a damn good bite size chunk of comedy gold.

  2. I wonder if it’s possible to make my doorbell play YouTube clips…

    Also, I love that Hank & Mikel are Wilma & Betty.

  3. For somebody who hates the Flintstones, Chris’ impression of Fred is fantastic. You guys should dub more Hanna-Barbera characters!

  4. Fucking great, now I’m rewatching the king of names pokemon animation. Now that the patron exists can we bring bag skits?

  5. Hilarious Tony! Dubbing is always some of the funniest stuff and everything Chris said in those 30 some seconds was perfect for it.

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