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He was WCW’s strongest soldier in the Monday Night War, one of the major reasons for TNA’s continued existence, and he’s played a substantial role in WWE over the last year, but how is Sting’s entrance music? We’ve ranked every theme The Icon has used in his 30 year career!

Welcome to Laser Time’s weekly rasslin’ theme feature, Wrestling Theme Friday (or WTF for short). While we talk a great deal about WWE and the other major faux-fighting organizations on Cheap Popcast and during our Patreon-exclusive wrestling match commentaries, this is our outlet to discuss an element of pro wrestling that’s just as vital as actual pro wrestling skill; having a kickass entrance theme. In our previous two installments of WTF, we’ve ranked The Undertaker’s themes and counted down Kurt Angle’s entrance songs, but this time we’re venturing into the world of DubyaSeeDubya to pay tribute to Sting.

Over the last three decades, Sting has been a centerpiece of pro wrestling. Whether he was main-eventing WCW as they made their biggest push against WWE, helping launch TNA to become America’s second-biggest wrestling promotion, or debuting in WWE for some of 2014 and 2015’s most shocking moments, Sting is a big deal almost every time he steps into a ring. With his first WWE Championship match this Sunday at Night of Champions, we’re counting down the memorable tunes that have accompanied his march to the ring.


This crap again? Just last week I talked about how this song is very-un-mafia-like, and I think it’s accentuated by Sting’s Main Event Mafia persona. At least Kurt Angle looks like a mob goon; a non-facepainted Sting looks like the guy who would sell hot tubs to the mafia. Or at the very least their home theater system.


I’ve watched a few old Sting matches on the WWE Network, and the first time I heard this tune, I thought it was a replacement tune because WWE didn’t want to pay for “The Man Called Sting.” Sadly, this is the real deal. Turbo Charged is just so generic and super-repetitive (even for a wrestling theme). When a song is already approaching its third loop within a minute, it could stand to use a bit more variety. Good guitar work, but just not enough of it.


I’ll give this song one thing; it’s got some of the best noodling I’ve ever heard in a wrestling entrance theme. But it’s just all a bit much for Sting in his mid-40’s, dontchya think? With the exception of his Main Event Mafia run, Sting used this theme for his entire 8 years in TNA, which is weird because it’s not nearly iconic enough to last so long without changes. It’s a decent theme, but not one befitting one of the company’s biggest stars.


Yes, this is slightly hypocritical; Sting stuck out of the Wolfpac almost as much as he did the Main Event Mafia. However, you’re forgetting two things. One, Sting’s schweet red facepaint. Two, the Wolfpac’s entrance music was pretty badass back in the day. I dare say it’s the best hip-hop theme ever used in WCW, mostly because I can’t remember a single other rap theme used in WCW.

Where does Sting’s current WWE theme and his WCW Crow-era music land on the list? Read on to the next page to find out!

5 thoughts on “Sting Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. Great list Dave, agree 100% with it. Regarding the number 1 though, it baffle me how they teased Sting in the WWE 2K game months before his debut with a newly composed orchestral version of that theme. Yet, come his real debut they plaster that generic solemn theme instead of the one he’s recognized for.

    This guy put the best of all versions to create one big epic Jimmy Hart variant:

  2. Most of this list isn’t memorable lol. It’s been so long since I’ve seen 80’s Sting that I have no recollection of his old theme songs. The Man Called Sting is vaguely familiar, but most likely befitting of the #2 spot. #1 is a no brainer for me. I absolutely loved B&W Sting when he was going up against the NWO. The custom theme Survivor Man links to should definitely be his actual theme. It’s really amazing.

  3. The only themes I really remember from WCW are the NWO theme, Hollywood Hogan theme, and Sting’s theme. But I didn’t recall Sting’s till after I read this article. I love WCW but their themes were just so generic.

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