Sting Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday


Who knew Metallica’s riffs were indistinguishable from 1990s wrestling butt-rock? Seek and Destroy may not be one of Lars and company’s biggest hits, but it works well as a wrestling theme. It hits hard without a single lyric for the first 45 seconds, and when circumstances warrant a longer play (like, say, a big PPV win with excessive celebration), you get the bonus of hearing James Hetfield singing about seeking and destroying.


WWE’s history is littered with great WCW stars who came to WWE with substandard knockoff tunes. Goldberg’s WWE entrance never had the same gravitas it did in comparison to his simple-yet-iconic WCW anthem. “It’s me, It’s DDP” never had the same ring to it as “Self High-Five.” However, with Sting, the WWE decided to go an entirely different route and create a song that doesn’t really touch on much of his old stuff. Sure, there’s the crows at the beginning, but beyond that it’s just a haunting guitar chord mixed with something of a death march. Perfect for an aging (yet still demonic and iconic) warrior.


Yes, this theme is cheesy as heck, but there’s no other theme that perfectly matches the surfer-Sting persona of the late 80s and early 90s. Bridging the butt-rock of the 1980s and the WWE-knockoff music of the 1990s was this near-perfect gem. While it’s got a hint of southern rock to it, “A Man Called Sting” is great because it’s got a simple refrain (just the title repeated) with some great guitar licks accompanying it. The WWE of this era had “I Am A Real American,” which is unforgettable, and “A Man Called Sting” is the WCW’s equivalent; anthemic, easily hummable, and a great representation of their most popular star.


It’s tough to compose a theme that befits a loner who also represents the biggest soldier in a fight against a seemingly impossible force, but Sting’s “Crow” theme nails it. It’s almost the opposite of “A Man Called Sting,” as it starts with a sense of foreboding and merges into something that would accompany the march of a dark army, but it worked for the brooding and baseball bat-wielding Sting who would attack when enemies least expected it. After months and months away from the ring, Sting needed something important-sounding to accompany him back into the fight against the NWO, and this theme worked perfectly.


What do you think of this list? Do our picks Sting…k? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Sting Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. Great list Dave, agree 100% with it. Regarding the number 1 though, it baffle me how they teased Sting in the WWE 2K game months before his debut with a newly composed orchestral version of that theme. Yet, come his real debut they plaster that generic solemn theme instead of the one he’s recognized for.

    This guy put the best of all versions to create one big epic Jimmy Hart variant:

  2. Most of this list isn’t memorable lol. It’s been so long since I’ve seen 80’s Sting that I have no recollection of his old theme songs. The Man Called Sting is vaguely familiar, but most likely befitting of the #2 spot. #1 is a no brainer for me. I absolutely loved B&W Sting when he was going up against the NWO. The custom theme Survivor Man links to should definitely be his actual theme. It’s really amazing.

  3. The only themes I really remember from WCW are the NWO theme, Hollywood Hogan theme, and Sting’s theme. But I didn’t recall Sting’s till after I read this article. I love WCW but their themes were just so generic.

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