The Angry Birds Trailer Looks Pretty Lame Despite A Great Cast


How can something with Bill Hader, Kate McKinnon, Hannibal Buress, and more be so lame? Try not to get mad about it…

As a cynical player of video games, it’s easy to hate on Angry Birds for being a moderately fun game that became a global phenomenon. From a distance it looks like the billion-dollar, simple (and not all that original) gameplay overshadows the many great games on touch devices, let alone consoles. Well, now I can get annoyed on a different front, because Angry Birds’ mediocrity will soon be combining with another sad trope: the snarky CGI film that’s been the bane of animation since Shrek premiered. Take a look at the May 2016 film…

Yup, this trailer has it all! The overly obvious pop tunes dropped in to make parents nostalgic! The stock characters that appear in every animated film! A cast full of very funny folks who can improvise dirty lines that’ll fly over kids’ heads! The odd mockery of therapy groups that pops up an inordinate amount of times in comedy! Characters who have to take inspiration from a game with virtually no story, so they’re literally birds with anger issues!

Ugh, yes, I get it, this isn’t for me, but this trailer just seems so factory produced, right down to the fairly uninspired visual style. Unlike the intentionally poor animation of LEGO Movie or gorgeous art styles you’ll see in Disney’s Oscar-winning shorts, this is just the same level of competence we’ve been seeing from Sony’s CG folks for years. I’m glad the Peanuts movie doesn’t seem to suffer from this, trailer music choices notwithstanding.

Also, I love Bill Hader, Kate McKinnon, and can nominally tolerate Josh Gad, so it’s annoying to not like something they’re in. The same goes for the credited writer, John Vitti, who wrote many of the best episodes in the early years of The Simpsons – he wrote Mr. Plow FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Oh well, here’s hoping it doesn’t go on to make a billion dollars (it will). As a nice pallette cleanser, Disney’s Paper Man short shows that using polygons in cartoons doesn’t mean they have to be soulless.

5 thoughts on “The Angry Birds Trailer Looks Pretty Lame Despite A Great Cast

  1. Angry Birds movie? THATS IT I’M OUTTA HERE!!!
    I was surprised that I didnt see the Dreamworks logo on there as they are the factory house of cgi animated garbage.

  2. Well, not everything needs to have amazing, ground breaking CG. I think it looks fine, but you are right about it probably being a factory produced piece of trash. Say what you want about movies like Shrek, but I enjoyed that franchise immensely and this movie more than likely will not compare at all. What a waste of time and money and I don’t think it will be successful, which might be the final nail in the coffin for the Angry Birds franchise.

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