Super Mario World – Let’s Do This!

Every Thursday we play a different Nintendo game for Twitch viewers, and today’s is the next entry in a whole month of Mario Bros.! We’re celebrating Super Mario Bros.’ 30th anniversary AND the launch of Super Mario Maker, so we’re… Read more

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The 5 Most Essential Three Stooges Shorts

Let me get this out of the way: the Three Stooges are my favorite comedians of all time. I’ve watched (and performed) plenty of standup, sketch, and improv, and nothing comes close to what these Vaudeville performers did.

By LaserTony | 8

Cape Crisis #156 – Tastes Like Chicken

Henry and Chris are rejoined by Dave for a whip fast episode where they catch up on never ending Secret Wars, dig into cheap Batman books, discuss the new Black Panther series, Spider-Man’s age, and your answers to last week’s… Read more

Comic Reviews: 1872 and Deathstroke!

COMIC REVIEWS! This week we travel to 1872 to check in on the Wild West Marvel-style, and Deathstroke’s battle against a Greek God reaches it’s final battle! 

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