Kenan and Kel on Jimmy Fallon is pretty good(burger)


As part of his continued quest to reunite every teen-focused comedy ensemble from the 1990s, Jimmy Fallon brought Kenan and Kel back together to do a new Good Burger skit. Aw, here it goes!

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year of our lord 2015 that I’d enjoy a Kenan and Kel reunion more than a Saved by the Bell one, I’d call you crazy. K&K was an alright show that I’d catch from time to time, but Saved by the Bell was the program that consumed my youth (and a Laser Time episode featuring “Go Bayside” host April Richardson). However after Jimmy Fallon brought together his second sitcom reunion of this year, I have to say that the Good Burger skit he did last night was a much more entertaining watch.

For one thing, the Saved By The Bell reunion made me sad to see so many absences at Bayside (especially when I looked up why Screech and Lisa were AWOL), while there was only happiness in watching Kenan and Kel reunite. Sure, Kenan Thompson has gone on to much greater success than his sketch-comedy tag-team partner as SNL’s current stalwart, but it turns out Kel Mitchell’s doing just fine (actually, both of them look like they’ve barely aged since Nickelodeon outside of the weight gain that comes with the loss of a teenager’s metabolism). This was also way funnier than the reference-fest that was the SBTB reunion. Kel also aces the role that made him most famous and you can tell that Jimmy Fallon is thrilled with being his part-time associate. While it’s slightly odd that Kenan is playing a more obscure reoccurring character (as opposed to his Good Burger employee role), the exchange he’s able to have from the other side of the counter makes it even better (complete with a rare corpsing from sketch comedy vet Kenan). It’s got slapstick, wordplay, old references (grape nose boy, we’re all dudes), and a cameo from a rapper who I’m not familiar with because I’m old and white. It’s pretty great, and I hope this isn’t the last teen sitcom reunion Jimmy Fallon has in store for this year. Do Clarissa Explains It All next!

4 thoughts on “Kenan and Kel on Jimmy Fallon is pretty good(burger)

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Good Burger, but I was amazed that Jimmy Fallon and NBC got the rights to use it from Viacom. The sketch kinda fell flat for me because I’ve always found the Good Burger sketches annoying, but I love what Fallon is doing with stuff from 90’s kids TV. Seeing Kenan and Kel back together was a real treat.

  2. Kel looks good. The last time I saw him was as the host of the syndicated hip-hop dance contest show “Dance 360” back in 2004. I had just started working at Best Buy and would watch the show after getting home from closing. One of the prizes the show gave out was an XBOX, but sadly the XBOX 360 wasn’t yet out, so they weren’t able to achieve full 360 integration.

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