WWE 2K16’s MyCareer Mode Gets An Update In New Trailer


If you ever wished WWE was more like Mass Effect, today is your day…

In about a month, WWE 2K16 hits PS4 and Xbox One, and the developers are showing more and more of the game each day. Most recently we’ve got a look at MyCareer mode, which is brought over from 2K’s hit NBA series, and was added to last year’s WWE game. 2K16 looks to build on the path of going from rookie to NXT star to WWE Superstar, and adds even more flavor to it. Take a look in the new video below…

As someone who’s into the storytelling of wrestling just as much as the action, so I’m intrigued by that new interview gameplay. Not unlike good/bad choice systems in BioWare games, it seems you define your created wrestler by how you reply to Renee Young’s questions. I just hope each interview ends the way they do on TV, with the wrestler walking away and Renee left in awkward silence.


Anyway, defining yourself as respectful or cocky, even causing one of the countless DQs and distraction roll-ups that happen on your average episode of Raw, all this is what makes a Superstar’s career. And I like that you can even spend the 15 in-game years as a midcarder, plugging away in great matches, but coming up short. By the way, I wasn’t the only one who noticed they showed Dolph Ziggler during that bit, right?

This trailer comes hot off the heels of the full gameplay trailer which showcases the 100+ roster of characters, Stone Cold’s ample involvement, and even our first look at the two versions of Terminator the game contains. See which version of Arnold you prefer.

You can preorder WWE 2K16 on Amazon ahead of the October 27 release date, and your purchase will support Laser Time at no extra cost! And that’s the bottom line.

2 thoughts on “WWE 2K16’s MyCareer Mode Gets An Update In New Trailer

  1. I’ve always liked Universe mode more and the one thing 2K15 had going for it was the idea of different kinds of rivalries. If they can make them more organic and unpredictable.

    My Career looks interesting but I want to play as a variety of wrestlers (that’s right Vince, wrestlers) more than often. Although I’ll assume the mode will be required along with Stone Cold’s mode to unlock most of them.

  2. have they put out video that shows the CAW doesn’t suck this year? It seems like all of the “new” things they are touting are stuff that have been in the game since Here Comes the Pain but took out last year.
    the thing I was really looking for when they went to this current gen was a real 5 on 5 survivor series match but that hasn’t happened yet.

    I’ll probably hold off on this game until Mania time when they will include all of the DLC for the original price like every year, last years game looked good *most of the time* but was a real step backwards from 2k14 in just about every other way

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