An Unreleased South Park Game Has Been Discovered


Cancelled before the world even knew about it, feast your eyes on this pre-alpha version of an open-world South Park title…

In 2013 the world finally got the fantastic South Park game it deserved with Stick of Truth, and soon it’ll get a follow up with The Fractured But Whole. Before that, most South Park games were pretty shitty. But even the most devoted South Park expert didn’t know there was a cancelled, GTA-inspired game starring Cartman and the rest. That all changed when these guys bought an original Xbox dev kit…

As the Happy Console Gamers in the above video, almost nobody had heard of this pre-alpha South Park game in development for the first Xbox, and then they stumble upon a barely playable build. In some of the first footage ever of the game, you can definitely see the influence of Simpsons: Hit & Run, even though it’s still odd for me to see Cartman move his legs at all. Additionally, this was clearly being made for PS2 as well, as the button inputs attest.

The game was being developed by Buzz Monkey Games, a studio that did a lot of work on PSP ports and portable spin-offs for the likes of Tomb Raider and Ratchet & Clank. They were working on South Park and Happy Feet games that were both cancelled – glad someone found this instead of Happy Feet. Back in 2012, the Eugene, Oregon-based devs got purchased by Zynga, and I’m sure everything went great after being bought by that beloved company.

I’m so glad Happy Console Gamers were able to share this lost South Park nugget with the world, and it makes you wonder how would this South Park have turned out. It couldn’t possibly be much worse than these N64 and PSOne racing and shooting games, right?

2 thoughts on “An Unreleased South Park Game Has Been Discovered

  1. Ah, nice. I have an Xbox and I remember there being similar stuff to this like, for example, 80% complete Kameo: Elements of Power for the original console and was just thinking “What if this South Park game is an original Xbox game?” and sure enough, here it is. It looks pretty decent actually, and those were some good PSP games indeed. One day this will find its way to the internet in a playable state, I’m sure. FYI, original Xboxes are basically PCs and super easy to modify to run these prototypes. It’s kind of awesome being able to play them these days, and yes, in normal, regular-ass Xboxes.

  2. Interesting find. How great would an open world South Park game be with the current tech available? Maybe it could be released in a few years to commemorate 25 years on air.

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