Telltale’s Back To The Future Game Comes To PS4/Xbox With Extra Biff


Just in time for the 30th anniversary, the episodic Back To The Future games are going next-gen…

Right now, Telltale Games is one of the biggest gamemakers around, but in the pre-zombie days, the dev worked on a number of film-based games. Back To The Future had to be their biggest undertaking, as it included original screenwriter Bob Gale working on the story, as well as both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox doing voices. Many missed it at the time, but now it’s getting a rerelease in this 30th Anniversary Edition, just in time for the magic date of October 21, 2015 aka the day when Doc, Marty, and Jennifer go to the future in Part II. Take a look at all the new extras included…

So yeah, you’ve got next-gen upgrades, likely some balancing changes (we can hope), and a slew of behind-the-scenes features. But most importantly for BTTF superfans? Tom Wilson, the original Biff, has added his voice to this new version. Finally, the Tannens will sound right again.

This is extra impressive because Tom Wilson in the past has shirked most Back To The Future things. Sure, he appeared in The Ride, but he never did commentaries and had be working to distance himself from the role. It’s really heartwarming to see him return to the role that made him famous. Though will this give him a whole new reason to sing his iconic Questions song? By the way, if you ever plan on meeting Tom Wilson, listen to this song first so you don’t make a fool of yourself…

The 30th Anniversary Edition of the Back To The Future game hits PS4/Xbox One/PC/360 on October 13.

4 thoughts on “Telltale’s Back To The Future Game Comes To PS4/Xbox With Extra Biff

  1. This is awesome news! It always struck me a little funny that Tom Wilson didn’t do any voice work for the game considering he is the one guy from BttF with extensive voice acting on his resume.

      1. Yeah it’s not great either watch a play through on youtube or do what I did and buy it on a PSN flash sale for like a buck

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