Jessica Jones Earns Her Bad Reputation In New Netflix Teaser


With lots of atmosphere and not much face, we get another intriguing tease of Netflix’s next Marvel series…

I’m so excited that, on November 20, everyone with a Netflix subscription will get to meet Jessica Jones. I’ve known the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos creation for years via Marvel comics, but soon enough the world will get to see her played by the outstanding Krysten Ritter. And while we’ve yet to get a great, full-on shot of the super strong private eye, this newest teaser shows the hard-drinking, hard-fighting Jones in her natural element…

True, the Joan Jett classic may be a little too obvious of soundtrack, but it definitely fits the whole vibe and mentality of both Jones in the comics and on the screen. Plus, she seems to be even more of a badass than Daredevil based on the number of beaten, broken bodies laying on the floor. But just what is she searching for?

As the November 20 launch at 12:01AM Pacific approaches, Netflix seems to be amping up the teasers for the series. Just last week they posted an even more brief tease of Jessica’s life, which not so subtly showed off her strength and her hatred of mornings.

If you’ve still got questions about the character, but can’t wait for the premiere, check out this helpful reading list of Jones’ greatest hits. BONUS: Buying any of them through those links helps out Laser Time at no extra charge!










4 thoughts on “Jessica Jones Earns Her Bad Reputation In New Netflix Teaser

  1. can we get a Super Hero Spotlight on Jessica Jones in the next Cape Crisis? I I feel like I’m supposed to know who she is but I have absolutely no clue who she is I think. She seems to be such a keystone but I have no clue what she’s about. I know I could just look her up on the internet, and I probably will, but I really DO enjoy a good solid SHS. they’re so fun and informative. that sounded totally fake but I was being sincere.

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