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From blue-blood jobber, to talent-burying main-eventer, to internet-darling executive, Triple H has done it all and has plenty of entrance themes along the way. In the latest Wrestler Theme Friday, we’re counting down every song that’s accompanied The Game to the ring!

Welcome to Laser Time’s weekly countdown of great grappler tunes colloquially known as Wrestling Theme Friday (or WTF for short). While we wrestling a great deal on Cheap Popcast and during our Patreon-exclusive match commentaries, but this is our outlet to discuss an element of pro wrestling that’s just as vital as actual pro wrestling skill; having a kickass entrance theme. In our previous installments of WTF, we’ve picked The Big Show’s best songs, selected Sting’s best entrance music, ranked The Undertaker’s themes and counted down Kurt Angle’s entrance songs. This time, it’s all about The Game, and how we count down Triple H’s best themes.

Triple H has been a mainstay in WWE for over two decades and has been a main-eventer for well over 15 years. While he’s ratcheted down his match count considerably, he can still be counted on to deliver high-excitement bouts when he does complete in the ring (usually around WrestleMania). When he’s not competing, he’s still a major presence on WWE TV today; sort of a modern-day Vince McMahon-esque evil boss. Regardless of the reason he’s entering a ring, you can count on Triple H to usually have an iconic entrance theme. Usually. Starting with some of his lesser tunes, we’re counting Triple H’s entrance themes from worst to best. Now… it’s time to play The Game(‘s music)!


Yes, Triple H had a theme back when he was Jean-Paul Levesque in WCW, and yes, it was the worst. He was even more of an aristocrat back then and for some reason it coincided with the most forgettable generic-rock ever put to tape. It sounds like someone slowed down the “Wild and Crazy Kids” theme, which is just wrong for his WCW character.


This theme only existed for the first month of Evolution, and that’s a month too long. A faction featuring Ric Flair, Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton deserves something epic, and this lyric-less version of what would become “Line in the Sand” is far from it. It’s like WWE knew the lyrics were coming but wanted to start the faction earlier so they stuck it with a generic theme to fill the gap!


Here’s another one-month wonder. When Triple H turned against D-Generation X and joined The Corporation in 1999, the crown jewel of the faction needed more than “No Chance in Hell,” but this theme wasn’t it. After a string of memorable themes with DX, this was a sad start to Triple H’s more serious persona.


Yeah, that’s right, noted classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven made one of Triple H’s worst themes. During another awkward phase of Triple H’s career (post-snooty blueblood, but pre-degenerate), this tune was meant to convey his superiority without sounding tinny, but up until Daniel Bryan, classical music never popped a crowd.


Triple H tends to use this theme nowadays in his role as an authority figure, and it’s fine for that role; a character who is meant more for exposition than selling tickets and performing in the ring. In that way, this theme works; it’s not going to make the crowd go crazy, but it’s familiar enough for crowds to note.


It may get mocked nowadays, but the original vision for Hunter-Hearst Helmsley worked in 1995 WWF, where Triple H was a noble amongst disgusting creatures like Henry Godwin, Duke “The Dumpster” Droese, and The Ultimate Warrior. “Blue Blood” may sound like a town theme from Final Fantasy, but it’s a fine theme for an aristocrat, especially after the misused WCW theme.

Where does Triple H’s DX themes rank? Click through to the next page to find out!

8 thoughts on “Triple H Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. I had no idea that Run-DMC made a DX theme. Triple H is one of my all time favourite wrestlers regardless of who he was fighting (except for WM 30 against Daniel Bryan).

  2. I always liked the fact the Triple H who clearly a big fan of Motorhead, a well known band, has had them consistently make original tracks for his entrance. Any other example for other wrestlers who had original tracks for them were probably by one of the many now forgotten one hit rap metal groups churned out in the prior decade.

      1. I’ll have to check it but the distinction I’m making is the songs by Motorhead appear to be written with the WWE/HHH.

  3. “up until Daniel Bryan, classical music never popped a crowd.”

    Pretty sure Randy Savage and Ric Flair didn’t have any trouble with that.

  4. I gotta say, this list seems pretty right to me. I figured the Motorhead song would be number 1 but for me “My Time” is how I remember Triple H’s theme. 1-4 are some really great songs.

  5. Glad you went with the original theme and not the Drowing Pool version brotha! Another barn burner, sloberknocking list yo!

  6. I have no problem with #1 through 7. Every one of these theme’s reflect an important part of his career. I have to admit, I am a bit partial to #7. My first experience with Triple H was as his Hunter Hearst Helmsley character in WWF. I still remember Sable escorting him to the ring and his ridiculous rivalry with Marc Mero. Does anyone remember him!? Please do yourself a favor and google Marc Mero; nowadays he sort of looks like The Joker without makeup.

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