See Conker’s Bad Fur Day Before It Got Dirty


Here’s what Conker was into before all the fecal matter and alcoholism…

After years of hibernation and Kinect games I’d prefer to not remember, Rare is coming back into prominence as one of Microsoft’s top first party developers. Along with a whole new game getting announced, the Brits are also diving deep into its massive catalogue via the very affordable collection Rare Replay. Not only that, but the company is also talking about the games it didn’t make. Not too long ago they released details of an unmade Conker sequel, and now the company is going back even further to show us Conker’s innocent origins…

Nintendo fans who lived through the N64’s lifespan likely recall reading E3 previews of Twelve Tales in magazines – oh, what are magazines? Those ancient tomes were like websites, but on paper and with no comments section. Anyway, just as they explain in the video, Conker’s planned N64 game and released Game Boy Color title starred an adorable friendly squirrel going on adventures. What we didn’t know before was what it looked like in motion, because this is some of the best footage ever of the demo, and surely the first time it has been seen in HD.

As they more or less say in the video, Rare had more than enough cutesy platformers with both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, so Conker was a bit samey, even with his many different hats. And so the transformation began as his colorful world got full of filth and swears, and costar Berry went through some… changes as well. Was that transformation worth it? Who knows, but you can see how well Conker aged by watching our longplay of the game below.

Even if some of the humor falls flat, at least Bad Fur Day was different from the incessantly cheerful Banjo. What do you think of Conker’s original game after getting this unprecedented look at the original version? Also, if you’re curious where Bad Fur Day ranks among the other Rare Replay games, see Laser Time’s official rankings of all 30 retro titles.

2 thoughts on “See Conker’s Bad Fur Day Before It Got Dirty

  1. I love when companies do this and glad to see a bit more coming out showing their older stuff. the what could of happens are always pretty compelling. i never had an n64 growing up so never played conker so i have no nostalgia for it. it still doesnt mean that im not interested in seeing what the game could of been , since they take so long to make there must be so much games out there were dramatically different than what we have now, like halo starting out to be an rts for example. it’s also pretty cool seeing someone irish involved in the development in one of the iconic games in history.

  2. I remember this game and loved it. For anyone to say the humor goes flat then you really need to stop and look at what you do find funny. Some people don’t like benny hill or mell brooks and monty python humor but then again those people are into fart jokes and potty humor. This game just went and was all about seeing not only how fast and low pitched they could make the humor. I remember telling a parent at the store I was working at that no this game was not something that was for kids unless their child was advanced in their development as well as humor because while their telling one joke their tossing in yet another quick one. many of which might go over the heads of some and apparently this displeases those that like everything spoon fed to them. what the author clearly neglected to mention was the Game Boy version that preceded this so if they do in the video then I guess I have to sit through the whole thing and wait…

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