Lego Dimensions – Let’s Do This

Today’s normally scheduled Shit Show has been replaced by Lego Dimensions and at least two pieces of the most expensive DLC you ever did see. Hey, it could be bad?! Be there a 3PM Pacific!

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Cheap Popcast #60 – It’s Hip To Be Square

In light of WWE’s historic return to televised events at Madison Square Garden, Dave and Hank run through the recent show while Chris Antista and Wes Green join in later to discuss the venue’s long history (and possible curse).

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5 Video Games with Awful Voice Acting

The Last of Us’ Ellie and Joel, Far Cry 3’s Vaas, The Walking Dead’s Clementine — these characters evoke emotional responses because of the stellar performances behind them. On the opposite end of the spectrum is voice work so abysmal… Read more

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