Cheap Popcast #60 – It’s Hip To Be Square


In light of WWE’s historic return to televised events at Madison Square Garden, Dave and Hank run through the recent show while Chris Antista and Wes Green join in later to discuss the venue’s long history (and possible curse).

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4 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #60 – It’s Hip To Be Square

  1. Huh… don’t know how to feel, I really thought you guys would have waited until after the takeover special to record a CP, isn’t the first ever 30 minute WWE women’s match a bigger occasion than a glorified house show at MSG? I’m guessing the Takeover special wil be talked about for 10 minutes on the next CP episode, then you’ll spend the majority of the podcast talking about how Hell in a Cell felt like just another average filler PPV that’s just going through the motions

  2. Some comments and corrections I have after listening to the episode. I don’t know if anyone cares but I have to do it for my sanity.

    1) I don’t see how you can say Beast in the East was a worse show overall then this. Jericho vs Neville will be in my top WWE 10 matches of the year from that show, Kofi being destroyed was more entertaining then the Big Show being destroyed, and the NXT title match was better then any of the other matches on the MSG show. The rest of the filler was equal to the filler of the MSG show.

    2) Henry I’m sorry but bad guy or good buy Orton is boring boring boring. He’s the only wrestler that made me leave the WWE when he was on top between Summerslam and Mania 30.

    3) MSG network did not become YES. Dave I don’t know where you got this info and I feel like you’ve said it before but stop saying it. Maybe its because I’m in NJ near NYC so I would know better but with 9 major sports teams this area has 4 different sports networks on cable. MSG, MSG plus, YES for the Yankees and SNY for the Mets.

    4) I wish you guys touched on Mania 10 more then you did. That Owen vs Bret match was amazing, the ladder match was historic and Bret winning the title was a feel good moment.

    1. Agree with you buddy. I can’t remember the last time Orton had a great match/run and other than the RKO I don’t think Orton offers much in the ring.

  3. I thought the MSG event was meh and definitely not better than the beast from the east event. Is it wrong I’m enjoying this Kane run? I think the angle Kane is on right now is the best he’s done since team Hell No! And the hug it out match. I liked the MSG clips you guys played, I hope that leads to a top 10 wrestling arenas type thing. My vote is the Honda Center previously known as The Arrow Head Pond of Anaheim. Home of WMania 12 Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels Iron Man match and also because I live 10 minutes from there.

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