Broad City Knows Columbus Day Is Bullshit In New Video


Abby and Ilana are ready to wreck Christopher Columbus and his stupid day in this new online short…

It’s always nice to get a day off from work, but here a couple facts that are more important: Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit and Broad City is one of the funniest fucking shows on TV. Abbi and Ilana are currently filming the third season for Comedy Central, and in the meantime they’ve been releasing fun and very timely sketches for special occasions like today. Check out their stoned takedown of the conqueror turned holiday namesake.

While I don’t totally agree with celebrating the guy who directed the worst Harry Potter films, I’m with Abbi and Ilana on shitting all over the guy who “discovered” a land that was already inhabited by people he’d soon drag into slavery. So yeah, let’s just call this Indigenous Peoples Day from now on, huh?

By the way, this isn’t the pair’s first holiday video. To smooth over the wait for a the third season, here’s their Yom Kippur video…

And if you need to check out their previous work, here’s a nice guide.





3 thoughts on “Broad City Knows Columbus Day Is Bullshit In New Video

  1. It sucks when you guys post links of videos from sites like Hulu and Comedy Central because we can’t view them from outside the US. Thanks internet. Now I need to finally get around to check this show out after hearing everyone on the podcasts raving about it. You guys never disappoint us when it comes to recommending good comedies.

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