SNL Viewers Club: Amy Schumer with The Weeknd

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Amy Schumer is hilarious all on her own. Did she bring that magic to Saturday Night Live, or did NBC’s premiere live show drag her down?

I’ve mentioned this before, but Amy and I actually share an alma mater. That means nothing, but hey, I’ll admit a bit of a bias toward her work. Regardless, her summer flick Trainwreck was fantastic, and landed her this week’s hosting gig. She was joined by The Weeknd, whose best song is simply magic. Dude makes good music.

[This episode’s score has been updated to reflect the new scoring system.]

Air Date: 10/10/15

Host: Amy Schumer

Musical Gust: The Weeknd

Fox & Friends: Speaker of the House Cold Open

Well, if there’s one thing we can expect from the next season-and-a-half of SNL, it’s a political opener — blame that darn election. While Bobby Moynihan’s Brian Kilmead is hilariously stupid, we’ve seen this largely unchanged sketch a few too many times. This episode’s congressional guests didn’t do much to spice things up either.


When standups host SNL, we’re in for a treat; it’s a chance for them to try out new material. Amy’s stuff was fantastic, but honestly, that’s no surprise.

Delta Flight

This is technically a recurring sketch, but man, what a way to ramp things up! Hey, Fox & Friends, this is how you bring a sketch back.

Porn Teacher

Let’s ignore the funny feeling this sketch gave me and talk about what a perfect package (zing!) it was. You’ve got Kyle Mooney, who can deliver stilted dialogue better than anyone else on the cast, you’ve got Schumer doing the juvenile dirty jokes she does so well, and you’ve got Aidy Bryant cockblocking at every turn. Plus, the whole thing was shot with spot-on 90s porn grain. This is what Amy’s fans will be passing around on Facebook.


SNL has done some great satire over the years, but this wasn’t it. Other than a few quick sight gags, like a pregnant Vanessa Bayer touting a hunting rifle, nothing here hits the mark. Whatever point the writers were trying to make, they didn’t.

Weekend Update

Michael Che’s jokes landed better than Colin Jost’s this week (that Black History Month line was gold), but their gun control bit was hilariously on point. A little cameo from The Weeknd was good for a chuckle too. Jay Pharoah’s Solomon, who seems to have fallen directly out of a Tyler Perry movie, made a decent first showing; I hope to see this character go further. Kate McKinnon’s Mrs. Santini also made an appearance, but her material wasn’t a strong as her first time at the desk. Overall, this was a solid, if a bit lengthy, news break.

Ford’s Theatre

You don’t see historical reenactments on SNL too often. You see great post-Update sketches just as infrequently. Schumer’s unashamed performance totally sold the bit, and I can’t imagine it would have been as funny with another host.

Hands-Free Selfie Stick

Remember when that “Guns” sketch flopped? This is how satire’s done. We can all agree selfie sticks are the first sign of the end times, and the “shove it” attitude of this sketch really drove home the point. I’ve got a few friends who could learn from this…

City Council Meeting

This was basically just a character parade, but each citizen who took the stand was funny in their own right. Highlights were Aidy Bryant’s Miss Krang and Amy Schumer’s gun-crazy six-year-old.

Baby Shower

A simple premise, an uninvited guest at a baby shower, led to a great sketch. Schumer’s boisterousness perfectly collided with the rest of the ladies’ calm demeanor. Cecily Strong as the crying materialist and Vanessa Bayer as the miffed mother-to-be were great choices.

grade: A-

Like I said a few sketches ago, I’m biased toward Schumer. But the fact is, this was a great episode worth watching: the highlights make up for some of the weaker moments. Here’s hoping Tracy Morgan can keep the momentum going next week. That’s gonna be one to talk about.

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3 thoughts on “SNL Viewers Club: Amy Schumer with The Weeknd

  1. Hmmm, interesting take on this week’s episode. I agree Amy was great and really committed to every sketch, but the writing was very weak with lots of half baked concepts. The biggest problem I had with this episode was that a lot (outside of the porn teacher sketch) of the sketches just seemed to repeat the same joke ad nauseam with no spin or twist that great sketches have.

    In the city council meeting sketch it was just wacky people saying weird things with no consequence (done much better on several instances on Parks and Rec) and they even recycled the Bieber dick joke from WU. In the baby shower sketch she keeps freaking out because she lost her purse but it doesn’t go anywhere and then just abruptly ends with Cecily’s character finding her purse. The Ford Theatre sketch was just an exercise in yelling as a joke. The selfie stick sketch was just like the millenials sketch from last week, beating a dead horse with hacky “jokes”

    I want to like Jay Pharoah and hope that he can find an original recurring character that aren’t celebrity impressions, but that Solomon character fucking sucks. I don’t care how many times he said “god damn” in a silly voice, it never got funny. It reeked of trying too hard to come up with a catchphrase for a character. Also, in a week where Stephen A. Smith was in the news being an idiot, it would’ve made way more sense to bust out a Stephen A. Smith bit.

    The porn teacher sketch was brilliant however and sets a high bar for best sketch of the season. A great concept (what if one of those hot for teacher porn videos happened in an actual school) combined with great work from Schumer, Mooney and Bryant and great writing (“I was worried about sending my daughter to this new school because it’s just an office building”).

    Next week is Tracy Morgan’s return after his whole ordeal which could either be a lot of fun, or incredibly cringeworthy if he can’t keep up. I’m assuming we’ll get lots of pre-recorded skits. Should be interesting.

    1. Good points, Ralph. And yes, Tracy’s episode is a can’t-miss show. I definitely teared up at his Today Show interview a few months back, so I really just want to stand up and cheer for him Saturday.

  2. As someone who lives in Bakersfield, California where the City Council Meeting sketch takes place, I can assure you that it is in fact filled with even more crazy people than the sketch would make you think. As far as I know though, we do not have laser tag.

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