Cape Crisis #159 – Let The Wookie Win


Hank, Chris, and Dave are joined by their old pal Brett to catch up on the events of NYCC, how many Marvel movies are ahead of us, how cheap 9.99 feels, reading comics in public, TWD, and much more…


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Cape Crisis #159 Question: Has reading a comic ever made you want to visit somewhere?

7 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #159 – Let The Wookie Win

  1. Always love me a Brettbot appearance

    Also looking forward to hearing more Marvel relaunch talk over the next few weeks.

    On a related note, I read Guardians of the Galaxy #1, and was a little weirded out with how the Chitauri are now their own race instead of just being the Ultimates version of Skrulls (unless I’m totally wrong and they were seperate in 616, my cosmic knowledge isn’t the best).

    1. They were introduced to the 616 sometime after Avengers came out. The 616 Chitauri are very much the movie version and not the Ultimates version.

  2. Once again, thank you for posting the episode so early on Thursday. It makes my morning drive much more entertaining.
    I’m glad someone is finally discussing Agents of SHIELD on the podcast (Thank you Brett).
    I need to go through The Flash season one, but I just can’t commit to it yet. Henry, what are the chances of a commentary track for the pilot?

  3. And now news is coming out that the Fantastic Four rights are now back with Marvel Studios, the day an episode comes out.

  4. You guys talked about Agents of SHIELD for a bit this episode.

    I’m curious if anyone is watching the new season of Heroes or not.

    1. Don’t… It’s not good. It’s got the exact same problems that all Tim Kring shows have. Too many characters, vague meditative statements, plot about how we’re all connected, plot threads that lead nowhere, and being very very slow. It’s sad because it seems like it almost could have been good. almost.

  5. Whoaaaa……hold on. Brett just made a joke about reading an instruction manual for a Korg, did this dude get a synthesizer? This would delight me so much.

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