Fallout 4’s Live-Action Trailer Is A Live-Action Trailer That Doesn’t Suck!


Live-action trailers always seem like a good idea but they rarely pan out. Fallout 4’s live-action trailer is rare one that doesn’t suck. Check out the trailer and learn why we like it a bunch!

In a tradition that’s seemingly exclusive to triple-A action games, Fallout 4’s imminent release was hyped today with a live-action trailer that bucked tradition and didn’t look like a low-budget SyFy castoff. Posted on Bethesda’s YouTube page, this clip mixes what folks love about game trailers (gritty visuals and an old familiar song) but keeps things simple; it’s just a faceless dude and his dog wandering the post-apocalypse.

Pretty good, right? Fallout 4 succeeds where so many others failed by avoiding the weirdness of real faces in a game trailer while utilizing the real-world to cover up things that never look right in even the greatest of trailers (animals and environmental effects). Sure, there’s plenty of CG peppered about, but it doesn’t look cheap, so it gets a few bonus points there. Compare it to a live-action trailer like Halo 4’s that’s filled with actors awkwardly wearing armor and you can see that simplicity trumps over-produced action any day.

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2 thoughts on “Fallout 4’s Live-Action Trailer Is A Live-Action Trailer That Doesn’t Suck!

  1. I agree. That trailer did a great job of peppering in good looking CG; It also kept it short and sweet. It also benefits from the natural setting every Fallout game exists in, which is baron and sparse.

  2. I love this trailer, I’ve already watched it at least a dozen times. I’m counting down the days, which is currently sitting at 21 days and counting…

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