Star Wars Battlefront Ad Might Be The Best Star Wars Ad This Week!


While the Internet debates about whether Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is any good, can we all agree that Star Wars: Battlefront’s TV ad captures the force of our nostalgia and a new hope for a good Star Wars game?

While there’s undoubtedly more epic Star Wars weeks on the calendar (like the actual release weeks for The Force Awakens and Battlefront, and, arguably when we do commentary for the original trilogy on Monday Night Movies via Patreon), this is undoubtedly the best week of the year for Star Wars trailers. While millions of Star Wars fans tune into Monday Night Football for the first time ever, there’s a possibly better Star Wars spot that released today in a (relatively) quieter fashion. Check it out:

Season Pass ickiness aside, we’ve had fun with the brief time we’ve spent with Star Wars Battlefront beta, and the TV spot for the upcoming shooter seems to evoke the same sense of nostalgia that occured when we downed our first highly detailed Stormtrooper, saw Darth Vader for the first time, or even piloted an AT-AT during the ever-so-brief testing period. We’ve been playing Star Wars with our friends for the last 38-plus years, and Star Wars Battlefront may be the best way to do so with those friends who aren’t a bike-ride away anymore.

What do you think of the TV spot? Is it a better live-action ad than Fallout 4? Would you have liked some gameplay footage up in this trailer? Are you going to get Star Wars Battlefront? If so, will you use our Amazon link? Use the force and sound off below!

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront Ad Might Be The Best Star Wars Ad This Week!

  1. I don’t WANT to be that guy… but I’m soooo compelled to complaaaain.
    I’m sorryyyyy!
    that guy in the video is waaaay too young for the flashbacks they’re showing for him.
    he’s all classic late 70’s early 80’s star wars but that guy CLEARLY grew up during the prequels.
    I’m not saying he can’t have love for the classic trilogy, but the ad execs who came up with this commercial were clearly somewhere closer to 50 and lived through the classic trilogy.
    all that whining aside, this is a really nice commercial. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to put a chair through the window at work.
    no. no X wings involved. just putting a chair through the window out of frustration.

    1. I don’t think you really had be alive when the originals came out have that level of nostalgia though. I’m only 22 but I was very much into the original trilogy when I was a kid and even remember feeling a sense of gravity when Episode I was about to come out, and I was only 6 when it did. That guy in the trailer looks to me like late 20s to maybe even early 30s so he probably had plenty of time to gain fandom for the originals. Although, my dad owning the best versions of the original trilogy on beautiful Laser Disc probably gave me an edge that other kids my age may not have had. I also still have my X-Wing from when I was a kid, and the year on it is 1995, and my best friend around that time had that awesome TIE Fighter that’s in the trailer above at 0:13. I rate this trailer pretty plausible.

  2. still has a better story than the prequels. yeah i know saying that was basically shooting fish in a barrel but its true.

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