Venture Bros. Season 6 Is So Close, There’s A New Trailer


This will surely be today’s most important trailer. Go Team Venture!

Today is October 19, 2015, and the world is waiting and watching for a trailer that is no mere tease. This will be a the longform preview of something that we’ve been waiting so many years to see. We here at Laser Time are such huge fans of this property that the second a new trailer premiered, we couldn’t resist sharing it with the world. The release is still weeks away, but here is your taste of today’s biggest news: The Venture Bros. Season 6! What, were you expecting Luke Skywalker?

Last seen January 15 in their hour long special, we’ve been waiting so very long for the sixth season of Adult Swim’s long-running and not-terribly-prolific show. The team of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are approaching their sixth season in 12 years, but much like the Sopranos, returning to the carefully crafted world and continuity is always worth the wait. The trailer above gives us a look at several new status quos, like the Ventures moving to New York City, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is now in charge of The Guild, and much more. And it all begins again February 7, 2016.

If you know me, the close of that trailer is easily my favorite, as it features the return of Brown Widow, Venture Bros.’s Spider-Man parody. Voiced by Nathan Fillion, his amazing first appearance is right below, but this clip shows the potential for him showing Dean all around a campus while being annoyed by a Flash Thompson wannabe. Can we just have a Brown Widow spin-off, please?




3 thoughts on “Venture Bros. Season 6 Is So Close, There’s A New Trailer

  1. ooooooooh! I’m SO EXCITED for season 6! that special episode they released a little while back was so good. they really cleaned up the timeline but this next season looks like it miiiight be the best one yet. I wish I could have gone to DragonCon this year for the venture panel so I could tell Doc and Jackson how much I love and appreciate their years in this show. I mean, it’ll have to be decades before another parody series of this level can come along and touch on this many pop culture topics. these guys closed the book!

  2. Hopefully more focus on Dean, my favorite character and brock back with the ventures, im tired of srgt hatred.

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