Laser Time – Classic Horror Theme Song Quiz


It’s a Laser Time Quiz Down and we’re trying to see who can name the most classic Horror Movie Music Themes! How did you score?


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15 thoughts on “Laser Time – Classic Horror Theme Song Quiz

  1. I do really love the Monster Party episode from last year, so I’m glad to see another Halloween themed music episode.

  2. Havent listened to the episode yet but the wife loves the Ghetto Boys song “mind playing tricks on me” and puts it on our yearly Halloween party background noise mix. After 8 years I am slowly coming around to accepting this song and just google Bushwick Bill for a dose of “my life is not so bad!” Rip if he’s dead Rip if he’s not!

  3. My god this episode is brilliant! I love movie scores especially horror ones, though for shame on you guys for taking like 30 seconds to get the Exorcist theme 😉
    But again this is great, thanks for putting this out there

  4. MAN! the Exorcist has the WORST directors commentary EVER!
    so boring and useless.
    Edge of Tomorrow had a much worse title in its original manga incarnation. “All you need is KILL.” I’m sure it sounds more poetic in its original japanese language, but the english translation make it sound horrible. edge of tomorrow was doing it justice.

  5. I’m not a fan of the original, but Psycho II is actually a pretty good little thriller, believe it or not.

    And the movie Henry is talking about is called Lockout. It is a blatant Escape from NY ripoff, but a damn good one. Guy Pierce’s character really deserves a spin-off. I also agree that Luc Besson is pretty much a one trick pony.

  6. You guys brought up the Haunted Mansion but failed to mention it’s theme, “Grim Grinning Ghosts”! Although Halloween can’t hold a candle to Christmas in the music department I think that “Grim Grinning Ghosts” and its many variation that play in the mansion are my favourites for Halloween tunes.

  7. One of the most unintentionally hilarious moments this episode:

    Grimm on John Carpenter: “not to diminish the reverence for your favorite artists, but you too can sit down at a keyboard and make it art.”

    Chris [thinking Grim said “U2″]:”I have heard the Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark soundtrack and I’m aware of this. You give them millions of dollars, they’ll crank out acceptable music all day long.”

    That was just hilarious to me because no one seemed to catch it.

  8. Great episode guys!! I’m a big fan of horror themes so I fared pretty well. This is also one of those episodes i can listen to with my wife since she is horror obsessed too, which is always cool. The WTF look she gave me when I knew all the words to the Shocker theme was the best

  9. HELL YEAH is an awesome band. I would not count them as a super group. True it is a band that is made up of members of other bands (pantera, nothingface, mudvayne), but most of the members have dedicated all their time to HELL YEAH. If you like metal check them out.

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