Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s Final Trailer Is Here!


If you’ve somehow missed it, check out it out right here!

December 17 will be a day long remembered, as it will see the launch of Episode VII, the first forward looking Star Wars film in over 30 years. Geeks of all ages have been waiting with careful expectations, slowly approaching The Force Awakens with the same trepidation of a scared animal approached a new situation. After the prequels, who knows what to think? Well, this, the final trailer for the film, gives us many reasons to get excited – even though it’s a little light on the hard facts of the plot.

That’s all we know about the film for now, but get ready for some of our expert analysis on it, as we’ll soon be posting our live reactions to the trailer right here! See you soon!

UPDATE: Check out our live reactions below (and feel free to ad yours!)

14 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s Final Trailer Is Here!

  1. “Well, this, the final trailer for the film, gives us many reasons to get excited – even though it’s a little light on the hard facts of the plot.”

    I’m sorry Hank, love your work and all but in terms of revealing plot this hit just the right balance between showing just enough of the film without spoiling anything. Personally I think it’s great that so little of the story has been revealed on the trailers. Which unfortunately is the opposite of what to expect of most trailers these days (See: Age of Ultron showing eevvverryyyyyything)

  2. I bought tickets for my four friends and I like a crazy person.
    I’ve never bought tickets this far in advance for anything in my life before.

  3. No doubt there will be many across the internet who will call out Carrie Fisher for looking “hagged” or something equally moronic compared to her earlier roles, not at all counting every man who aged just the same, you know, like humans often do.

  4. GOD DAMN IT I DON’T WANT TO CARE ABOUT THIS SHIT BUT I GOT SO MANY GOOSEBUMPS. Its like the fucking grey goo of culture, but this looks so spice.

    The force is real, just let it in.

  5. Just take all my money now. After re-watching the prequels along w/ the LaserTime crew it really stands out how much better this looks since it at least looks like real people in real places with actual stakes instead of all sterile CG environments. Really liked how Finn’s face goes from determination to panic when Kylo Ren comes toward him with that lightsaber. Also, I am not looking forward to the day when John Williams can no longer score these trailers and films. His score is as much a part of what makes these films special as anything.

    My only fear is I liked the trailers for the prequels too, but I have faith in JJ Abrams to at least make a good film, with the potential for greatness.

    PS. I like how unlike Age of Ultron, I do not feel like I have already seen the move due to all the trailers, commericals etc…

  6. So far so good, I appreciate the trailer not spoiling anything, but the trailer didn’t really get me super excited. Not like the new Fallout 4 trailer did anyway. I’ll still go see this opening week. I’m just not planning on preordering tickets or rushing out to see this day 1.

  7. does nobody notice how similar that shot of Boyega with his jacket in the desert looks like Chris Pine when he gets marooned in Star Trek on, So my question is how many lightsaber lens flares?

  8. Fuck it JJ Abrams just take all of my money now and send me an advance copy. I had a nerdgasm when I saw the blue lightsaber

  9. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I got this excited for something. Maybe Skyrim. Everytime I watch it I can’t hold my excitement inside and it all bubbles out in unintelligible groans, squeals and giggles.

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