9 of the Absolute Worst Halloween Costumes

What’s up, ghouls and ghosts! Last year I brought you my list of niche Halloween costumes that were sure to “not” kill at parties and bars. Well, my list is back, and this time, we’re focusing on some of the… Read more

By moan4stalone | 20

Spider-Man Is The Ultimate (Fictional) Mets Fan

Laser Time is a haven for nerds and geeks scared of physical activity, but we can at least enjoy the 2015 World Series via a superheroic sports fan, namely longtime Mets lover, Spider-Man…

By Hank | 4

Cape Crisis #160 – This Is Heavy-Duty

Hank, Chris, and Dave get back together on all hallow’s Back to the Future day to talk about BttF’s new comic book, plus the new Star Wars stuff, Howard The Duck, more new Marvel, Fox News hating Captain America, and… Read more