Talking Simpsons – Simpson and Delilah


Using just a smidge of health insurance fraud, Homer obtains a miracle hair growth formula. Will it work? You’ll have to look at the picture above…


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6 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Simpson and Delilah

  1. The image of Homer with hair is always weird, too bad his “real” hair couldn’t be as cool as when he has Snake’s in Treehouse of Horror.

  2. The thing in Pueblo, CO was a catalog from the US government (the Feseral Consumer Information Center to be specific), listing all the free literature available from other federal offices. It was literally a free brochure on how to get other free broxhures. The office still exists in CO, but the Internet has rendered the mail-away aspects largely irrelevant.

  3. How dated is this episode? Minoxidil is now OTC, doesn’t require insurance and costs $29.99. He can afford tablets, smartphones and other random purchases but not hair care treatment again?

  4. I think this is the point to where the simpsons found their voice, season one had hints of it but season two was where they really fleshed out the shows humor and characters. and this episode is a great episode that showed what homer is all about.

  5. You guys did miss my favorite of Homer’s Hair Growth Products.


    The name is so early 90s that it hurts.

  6. hmm I remember this episode only because of the part when Homer wakes up with hair and is running around the town. It was so weird to see him with a bunch of hair. He was like a Muppet or something, just shaggy and bug eyed.
    I don’t know what it’s like to be bald or balding. The closest I’ve come to it is I used to have a widows peak but by the time I was 25 it was gone. that seems to be the most my hair has receded, it may have something to do with me becoming vegan around that time? I know a dietary change can do a lot of things to your chemistry and hormones, I definitely have an issue with B12 deficiency and depression as a result so I’m always taking those or I just down spiral. And my hair texture changed too with being vegan. it’s looser and whoolier not kinky like it used to be I had to cut my locks after almost six years because my hair wouldn’t lock up anymore. hmm I’m not sure you guys know exactly what I’m talking about so I’ll stop rambling now. hair hair hair.

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