The Definitive Guide to Aladdin’s Genie Impressions

12. Pinocchio

aladdin genie pinocchio laser time

Okay, this probably shouldn’t count. You all probably know it, but hey, when I’m not obsessing over Aladdin, Pinocchio is kinda my favorite Disney movie. But whatever: Aladdin tells Genie he’ll use his final wish to free him, Genie is rightfully suspicious, and this is how he accusing him of fibbing. Pinocchio, Never Forget.


13. Ed Sullivan

aladdin genie ed sullivan laser time

It’s weird that one of Williams most famous impressions will be the one baffling future generations of kids for decades to come. The Genie’s initial introduction concludes with a brief impression of Ed Sullivan, a famous New York columnist who would go on to host one of most influential TV variety shows in American television history.


My generation will know Ed Sullivan for little more than the name of the theater David Letterman hosted his famous CBS Late Show for 23 years, but it’s truly hard to put in perspective how monumental The Ed Sullivan Show was for American pop culture in the days before MTV and, uh, the internet. Yes, The Ed Sullivan Show famously solidified The Beatles and Elvis as household names, but if you’ve been paying attention to the information in this article, you’ll find that Ed Sullivan is the tie that binds together several of the celebrity impressions listed here. Rodney Dangerfield, Carol Channing, and Senor Wences (more on him soon) owe their careers to introductory/repeated appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, and I’d like to think that wonderfully emphasizes how influential The Ed Sullivan Show was to Robin Williams personally.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger

aladdin arnold schwartzeneger laser time

Long before starring in 17 Terminator movies and becoming California’s Governor, Arnold Schwartz… do I really need to look up how to spell this guy’s name again? You know this one, right? Of course you do. Because before Arnold made it as an actor, he was a famous for just his physique and even took home the bizarrely coveted Mr. Universe prize in 1967. Here’s a clip of Arnold lifting… something.

15. Senor Wences

aladdin genie senor wences laser time

Immediately preceding the Ed Sullivan impression was technically another reference to one of that very talk show’s most noteworthy guests. Real name Wencelao Monero, the Spanish-born Senor Wences found stateside fame on Broadway, Las Vegas, and for most Americans, via almost 50 appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The world-renowned ventriloquist lived to be over 100 and I personally recall seeing him on The Muppet Show back in the day. However, folks somehow even younger than me are probably most familiar with Wences by a tribute made to the man on South Park. Eric Cartman’s literal hand puppet Jennifer Lopez (“S’alright?” “S’alright.”) is a direct reference to his falsetto voiced Johnny character, as is The Genie’s brief flirtation with puppeteering.

16. Robin Williams

aladdin genie robin williams laser time

Forgive us if we’re a being a broken record with this little Aladdin factoid, because we’re gonna rattle it off again, if only because it’s a wonderfully fortuitous finale to an article that’s listed celebrities in alphabetical order. At the end of Aladdin, Genie dons a loud yellow shirt and a Goofy hat while saying goodbye to the squad.

As you can read more about it here, but this look is actually a nod to none other than Robin Williams himself, specifically his appearance as a wandering Disney World yokel in his very first animated Disney performance, Back to Neverland

That’s all, folks! You can consider this list complete. at least until we update it with the Aladdin sequels (not really). Let us know if there’s anything we missed and we’ll update the article. Until then, we leave you with *sniff* Mr. Williams’ last ever performance of Genie.

21 thoughts on “The Definitive Guide to Aladdin’s Genie Impressions

    1. Nor is he the only one on this list…

      By the way, great article Chris! It really comes across when you throw yourself into the subject.

  1. This was a fantastic article. Thanks for putting time into it. I’ve been watching this when my son and catching impressions as an adult I totally missed as a kid. The GIFs also look good. Nice work!

  2. This was a great article guys. I had a lot of fun learning about some of Robin Williams’ deep cuts. It just makes me miss him all the more. I got a lot of joy out of finding out that there was a Cab Calloway impression in Aladdin. I love the Blue Brothers, and his musical number is iconic and synonymous with the movie. I bothered to look up the release date on Blue Brothers and it so happens to be the 25th anniversary of it’s 1980 release. How about a similar article for all the musical talent that made cameos and had musical numbers in the film? I’d also like to point out that it seems Jeff Dunham may have completely ripped off Senor Wences and just put a racist spin on it. Am I completely off base on my thinking here?

    1. Jesus, never mind. Apparently my math skills suck. Blues Brothers came out 35 years ago. Egg on my face. Please excuse me. Please add an edit feature so I can erase my embarrassment.

  3. As a kid I probably only got the Groucho and Arnold references. Now I know maybe half of them, and the other half I didn’t know where really neat to point out.

  4. I could of sworn at one point the genie did a bob hope impression, I dont know why I always thought this but rewatching it there wasnt any at all. maybe i saw williams doing one in an interview or i’m just going crazy. so glad this article exists because i still wouldve known 100% of his impressions. THIS ARTICLE GETS NO RESPECT I TELL YA, NO RESPECT AT ALL!

  5. Chris said Aladdin is timeless, but even when it came out it felt too schticky and current, like Dreamworks movies, and it put me off Disney movies from then on. I’ll have to watch again on Bluray, but I’ve never liked the Robin Williams schtick too much.

  6. Good job sneaking some unrelated Jack Benny on the childrens. I can’t believe I’d never seen that clip with Benny and Groucho before – so goddamn funny. I almost did a spit take when he starts trying to wring more money out of the duck.

    (If the end of it gel, you have to know Jack Benny’s character is vain, smug, and above all, insanely cheap . Forcing him to admit his age for $3,000 – over $26,600 today – is the perfect gag for him. )

  7. Great article! I didn’t know half of these which makes it all the more impressive that I thought they were hilarious anyway. I especially thank you guys for introducing me to Carol Channing. I couldn’t stop laughing during that clip.

  8. This was a great article. I never knew about Senor Wences I would see references of “S’alright?” “S’alright.” everywhere and never knew what it came from.

  9. Great article Chris, thanks for taking the time to get this up. I knew a few but some being a simple Englishman I had no idea on most. The added vids also a great touch, overall I’d give a it an eight 😉

  10. I’m sure when the Genie makes the reference to “June”, he’s doing a Bob Hope (Mr. Slopenose) impersonation. Not sure about the reference to Harry

  11. “June” = June Lockhart who co-hosted Tournament of Roses parade 6 yrs consecutively I think, around 1969-1975.
    “Harry” = I believe this was Harry Reasoner, ABC correspondent at that time to whom she was communicating during the parade.

  12. Hey, I knew Groucho and Ed Sullivan and Peter Lorre, and I’m twenty! … But then again I grew up watching the Marx Bros. and people appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show and I’ve even seen a couple Peter Lorre films (plus my dad used to imitate him all the time), so XD I didn’t get Jack Nicholson, though! Or any of the others. This has been really informative, thank you! 😀

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