Vidjagame Apocalypse 135 – Cronenbergs!


Rick and Morty is a fantastic show, if for no other reason than that it gave us a new use for the word “Cronenberg,” referring to incomprehensible masses of writhing flesh and body horror that look like they just flopped out of a David Cronenberg movie. As we continue our scary-for-October theme, taking a look at gaming’s most prominent Cronenbergs seems like a logical next step. And after we wipe off their residue, we dive into Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Tales from the Borderlands, baffling Hideo Kojima news and the points at which horror games stopped being scary for you.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite encounter with a Cronenberg? (Not the director.)




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17 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 135 – Cronenbergs!

  1. QOTW:

    Immediately thought of Resident Evil 4, and the boss-monster just call “IT.” Oh, man, Mikami really Cronenberg’d the hell outta this one.

    If you haven’t played RE4, IT shows up very late in the game a little before the lame “aim-this-rocket-launcher” final boss. Best described as a centaur-class freak-beast of the usual Resident Evil Cronenberg stable, a semi-humanoid torso on a spider-ish lower-body, exposed gray flesh, lots of arms, claws, mouths, and fanged vaginas. And IT is fast! IT stalks Leon through some caves, then onto a hanging shipping container cage thingy, which I’m sure was integral to the Ganado’s importing/exporting economic infrastructure. But I digress — you’ll need to navigate the shipping container maze quickly before IT cuts the hanging cage and drops it into a cavern, all while throwing switches to open the cage door.

    Then it’s down to that classic, “I literally need to fire every bullet from every gun I have,” mindset that Resident Evil 4 did so well. No holding back. No more saving magnum ammo. Got the grenade-dart gun for some reason? Use it! FIRE EVERYTHING!

    IT makes itself elusive for most of the fight, cutting at the hanging cage, and only occasionally dropping in to gnaw on Leon, so when you actually have to look at the creature and hit him with everything you’ve got, it’s horrifying.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: will the person who modded the old voice acting into the REmake HD add in some Rick and Morty clips into RE4, so Leon is constantly saying, “Oh, man, Ashley, they really Cronenberg’d the hell outta this one!”

  2. First of all Micheal and Chris this Top 5 needs a video entry, after looking up the enemies listed on google images I need to see them in motion with commentary from you guys.

    QOTW Again my answer for the QOTW is Dead Space related. In Dead Space 2 there is a necromorph that grows on to the walls, fires pods, and has a scythe like arm for close quarter attacks. While I played the game they seemed odd but after reading their entry in the Dead Space wikia I grew to love them. I learned that unlike most necromorphs these ones retained part of their humanity, as it states when killed you can hear their sigh of relief. So instead of just dying and growing bone claws you go insane stand next to a wall and start growing onto it. All while still being alive and feeling your organs be repurposed and at the end you’re in this state of limbo suffering in agony just waiting for something to kill you. And if you’re never found or it Issac just walks past you you’re stuck in this hell somewhat aware of what you were and how you’ll never be you again.

  3. Maybe not necessarily my favorite, but recently I’ve been playing through The Evil Within and the enemies in it are insane. The majority of the enemies in the game are humans that are controlled by the antagonist, with extra limbs, extra heads that are under developed. Probably the worst being a woman with multiple extra legs and giant claw like hands that will kill you if she reaches you, and can only be killed with fire. I also immediately thought of the security officer in Resident Evil Revelations, a big disgusting blob that has a giant blade for a hand and begs “please help me” as he tries to saw you on half.

    1. I love Dead Space 1 and 2 and I replayed them recently on PS3 and they really hold up . My only issue is Dead Space 2 does telekinesis so well it only highlights how so-so it is in Dead Space 1 other than that they look and play really well.

  4. I wonder what the joke was that Mikel said Diana improved? The music started blaring before the story was told, so I couldn’t hear it, and for most of the rest of the show the audio clips were off.

  5. um… the audi at the break is out of sync. the music comes in early and then the 8bit lasertie music runs for a while before the raccoon starts talking.
    I thought you were doing it on purpose at the end of the top 7 so no one could haer the idea for the tweet you had? idk…
    hopefully this comment is read and helps.

  6. If you guys don’t like the internet bitching about how you do trailer reaction videos, then stop sucking at them.

    Seriously, who talks all the way through their first viewing of a trailer? How do you react to something you couldn’t even hear?

    Now that I got that out of my system, my favourite encounter with a Cronenberg was definitely Lara Croft from the first tomb raider, that disproportionate melted lump of a body haunts me to this day.

  8. QOTW:
    My hands down favorite cronenberg is from the PS2 insta classic, Michigan: Report from hell. In this scene you’re in a hospital filming the surroundings, as you do, and you hear one of your compatriots screaming about a monster. “we’re alive dammit! We’re not monster food!” exclaims the brilliant canadian voice actor as you turn your attention to the elevator down the hall. Out from the darkness emerges what I can only describe as an eye butt monster. What was once a patient is now crawling towards you, ass first with teeth and eyes running up it’s spin. Look it up, my description does it no justice.

  9. “Yall be haters” needs to be added to the soundboard permanently. But please, Mikel, don’t give Chris control over the soundboard. A weapon so powerful must not fall into the wrong hands.

  10. A: MAJOR plus to putting the track “Dummy!” from Undertale in the background at the beginning!

    B: The “MEDIOCRE” sound clip needs to become a gold standard to use on every podcast here.

    C: I mentioned Contra: Hard Corps for my pick in the forums, but Konami was pretty good at Cronenbergs in Castlevania and Gradius also if I recall correctly. The fleshy lumps you fought at the end of every Gradius game sure looked cool for being totally worthless in battle.

  11. The Cronnenburg I’ve play as the most would have to be Nightmare from the Soul Calibur series. Nightmare (why didn’t they call him Knightmare?) came to be when medieval hunk Siegfried wielded the all-powerful Soul Edge and gained monstrous features. When Siegfried redeemed himself, Nightmare continued to exist as a seperate entity in order to beef up the character roster.

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