Laser Time – Dracula Facts


From Draculas to Blaculas, from Transylvania to Castlevania, we’ve been cursed to roam the show dispensing vampiric trivia on one of the greatest and most famous characters in pop culture history: Count Dracula!


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11 thoughts on “Laser Time – Dracula Facts

  1. Thank you for not openly discussing True Blood. For a series that lasted as long as it did, no one talks about True Blood, because no one cares about True Blood, as no one likes True Blood.

  2. I actually watched the original Bela Lugosi Dracula last Halloween season, and I agree with what Chris has said before – other than some cool shots, it’s pretty boring. That being said, I also really hate the Francis Ford Coppola version for a) being super long, b) super boring, c) Keanu Reeves’ performance and d) not really bothering to explain anything because it assumes you’ve read the book and remember the little details. I will admit that the cinematography was pretty cool though.

  3. Any show that opens with Dracula Dead and Loving it, is going to be a lasertime classic! Listening to this with my black cat who is named Bella Lugosi and even he agrees that Jackson space nutts is a weirdo and may actually be a bald Donkey lips from Salute your shorts!

  4. Once a year on every week before Halloween Dublin celebrates Bram Stoker with the Bram Stoker festival. This was when I found out that the great author himself was Irish so I find that pretty awesome considering how iconic the Dracula character is in pop culture. Which this also leads to a spooky tale of paranormal events, on some nights people have seen a ghostly figure and a candle light glow in a window of Bram Stokers house which is still there. Is that Bram Stoker writing in his room? or is that just the figure of people’s imaginations. Who knows.

  5. Man, I LOVE Bram Stoker’s Dracula, even with the (many) faults. Yeah, Keanu sucks, but Oldman’s Dracula is awesomely creepy, and I love that Coppola decided to do all of the special effects as they were done when the original film was made. That shot when Dracula is a ape monster and he backs into the dark hallway, and his eyes are the last thing you see? SO GOOD.

  6. I’m really surprised the Count was a last stop almost forgotten vampire considering Henry was talking about the weird OCD element of vampire having to stop everything and count things. COUNT things.
    it’s a double meaning to the Muppet Count. Henson and his crew were very smart and completely tapped into stuff like that.
    I wish this had just been vampires in general so y’all could talk about the vampires from 30 days of night and Blade.
    wait… did you guys do a vampire episode in one of the previous years?
    I don’t remember vampire talk. I remember candy, costumes including talk of Grimm’s accidental Jemima for two years in a row which was funny because he told y’all about it one year and then 365 days later we got audio evidence that everyone in the room had forgotten and he mentioned it again to absolute shock and laughter.
    but vampires.
    why didn’t you make a themed post for Halloween listing all the LT episodes featuring halloween or just spooky stuff?
    I fear it will get harder and harder to dig through pages of episodes to find the ones I really love.
    oh woe is me and my first world problems.

    1. maybe because they’re just vampires and none of them are actually dracula? thats my guess but again twilight was also mentioned :/

  7. You dudes mentioned two of my favorite vampire movies – “Let the Right One In” and “Only Lovers Left Alive” – but I wanted to add one more to the mix… perhaps my favorite vampire movie. “Near Dark”. It’s an early Kathryn Bigelow movie and has a very unique setting for a vampire story, in the world of a young cowboy guy getting involved with the wrong crowd. Also, Bigelow was romantically involved with James Cameron at the time and there are several actors from Aliens in it, including Bill Baxton, Lance Henrickson, and Jenette Goldstein. It’s really really good, really moody, and has great, menacing characters.

    Side note: I did a spit take when Grimm said Werner the Herzog.

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