Watch Bob & David’s First Sketch From The New Mr. Show Successor


Bob, David, and all their friends are arguing with each other just like old times in this new sketch from W/ Bob & David…

As if Thanksgiving food comas aren’t a good enough excuse to sit still and stare at your TV/tablet all day, Netflix is giving an even better excuse to binge watch in November. Not only are we getting the Daredevil follow-up, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, but Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have reunited the Mr. Show crew for a five episode sketch series, cleverly titled With Bob And David. Debuting 20 years after the premiere of Mr. Show, today we’ve got our first look at a full sketch from the November 13 series. And it has the feel of classic Mr. Show.

That bit has all the makings of classic Mr. Show: guys angrily arguing, people ignoring how unrealistic their goals are, impossibly fast pizza delivery, yelling. And the above five minutes showed that the iconic lineup of Mr. Show originals still have the same comedic chemistry. Just look below and you’ll see the same five dudes pull off comedy gold in another odd heightening of mundane announcements.

After seeing the above five-minute chunk, I want to see how the next sketch connects to it, and then the next and the next, until reaching a satisfying conclusion that pulls it all together. Yet I won’t be able to until Netflix sends it all live on November 13, with a four episode chunk and a making of special. Sigh… I’ll just have to make do with this extended trailer and rewatching all Bob and David’s previous stuff from the links below.










3 thoughts on “Watch Bob & David’s First Sketch From The New Mr. Show Successor

  1. this looks like a lot of fun. I’ve only ever seen so much of Mr Show, because it came on a channel we didn’t always have in a time before you could download torrents of it or just find a low res channel on YouTube of it. But that clip was great, bizzaro world stuff is their style and never not funny.

  2. It does have the feel of the old show. I love their sketch comedy! This page rocks man, you guys do great work. Keep fighting the good fight 🙂

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